Monday, April 30, 2007

A Post Of A Post

Have any of you tried the "Review My Post" thingy by Payperpost?

I actually wanted to try it by just reviewing other blogger's post on anything, any topic but then again, I dont even know how the things goes. Whenever I saw
badge, will clicked on it but then again, its bring me to a window for me to register..

BUT I AM ALREADY A MEMBER WOH! How to register ended up. I just ignore it and goes on with my life. So, there goes the USD 7.50 for me and USd 7.50 for the blogger who preview the badge on their blog.

So sayang hor? anyone here good enough to teach me on this thing? Whoever who willing to teach me, I am going to review your post first lor..ok? But my review is not like those professional blogger review. Because that is just NOT ME . Image Hosted by


dynamichui said...

i also have problems from this pay per post but my blog needs to be as old as 3 mths old only they pay me.

AceOne118 said...

I dun even know how to put the badge in! kakaka!! Yalor..i click it bring me to open a/c..I oledi open a/c leh. So far tarak respond pun! *sob-sob*

babyfiona said...

dynamichui - yes they have their T & C applies.

Ace1 - ur blog approved already meh? ChristinaYY one approved edy woh!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

want to have it too

xyiry said...

your blog also boleh tahan wat... not bad... may just need some polish only.. but overall ok ady wat

Rabbit said...

Kaka! I've seen that everywhere but i didnt bother to click lah. So i cant help u anway. =)

babyfiona said...

pisang - when i know how already then only inform u ler..

xyiry - hehe, my blog is for fun and sometimes (maybe more) for PPP ler. Not pro in making money :P

rabbit - -___-"""