Wednesday, May 2, 2007

To Pull Or Not To Pull

I am still thinking whether i want the Nuffnang and Advertlets badge to be taken down from my blog page. Its been there for quite sometimes and they brings nothing to me. Not a single cent and somemore, its been the same design from the 1st day until now. Never change at all. Adverlet badge is even worst. Still remain with only 8 or 9 submissions, means still a very long way to go.

I know I must be patient and wait but then again, the badges does not blend well with my blog template. Its not even the same colour...

Even my blogger friend also complained to me the same thing. Its seem like we are only wasting our space, maybe not waste lar, but its really brings nothing to us and its really dont blend well ...sigh.. So many blogger already signed up with
Nuffnang and Advertlets and I dont think I would be the lucky one to be of the choosen one and with Nuffnang now expanding to Singapore, I my dream to be choosen will be left remained as a dream *in dilemma again*.

But i really likes the pink colour PSP Nuffnang is going to give away..SO TEMPTING!

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