Friday, May 4, 2007

Back Dated Post-Someone Disturb Me Buy Spotlight..

Back dated post. This one actually for Wednesday, but I was so lazy that I don't even want to touch the keyboard.

I was so tired because have to layan my husband's aunties who came and make my life like hell. Have to sent them here and there and me and hubby ended up wandering around in shopping complexes waiting for them to finished their shopping. My hubby said, they are really STNS. WHY? because they can shop from 10 am until 6 pm non-stop and not buying anything..

My hell lasted on Wednesday when we drop them off at IOI mall Puchong. the feel? GREAT TO THE MAXIMUM! Finally my shoulder feel lighten up. Not so heavy already. You see, for those married couple, they will have to "behave" good in front of their Parent In Law's relatives which including those yi mah ku teh, You know why?

Because anything happens, the incident, news, complains, whatsoever things will goes back to your parent in laws ears and you know lar, normally people would want "face". So sure kena kau kau . That is why, me and hubby have to tahan for the whole duration from the very first day until they left.

On another not related matter, but related to my this post on Nuffnang and Advertlets, I received this call from Josh Lim, while I am busy searching for my spotlight in IOI Jusco. I am those type of person who can actually take my own time and search for my favourite spotlight because not all cutting is suitable for my ehhem.

So when I am so busy searching for the nice design, nice cutting and cute looking spotlight. My
w810i irritated and without seeing who called me, I just passed the W810i to my hubby and continue searching.

Hubby:- don't know who lar

me:- ???

Hubby:- regarding don't know what blog one..

me:- har? &^*#$^$^# *who disturb me buying my spotlight*

me:- Hello..

caller:- Good afternoon, is this xxx xxx xxx? Ms xxx who owned xxx blog.. *cant really heard what he saying*

me:- ar..yes.. *still blur case*

caller:- Hi! I am Josh Lim from Advertlets.. and bla bla bla * which i cant heard him*

me:- ar..yes..?

Then Josh Lim proceed to explained on why my Advertlets no response and give me suggestion to place the survey high up on the page and bla bla bla something about advertiser prefer their ads high up up . SO FOR MY FELLOW FRIEND who have this Advertlets survey badge, please act fast and push the bagde high up up lor and see what you can get...I already move my badge to higher a bit. Not high high up there but still better than last time and see how its goes.

After Josh Lim bla whatever he wanted to bla, I told him that I am quite busy right now and inconvenience to talk and well, I ended up the conversation. Of course I say inconvenience lar, if not, how am I suppose to tell him, I busy searching for my spotlight right now. You call me back later or see how its goes lar.

Anyhow, I would like to thanks Josh Lim as he took the initiative to contact us blogger. But I yet to receives any reaction from Nuffnang yet...


Rabbit said...

Wah they even called up huh?

babyfiona said...

rabbit - Yawoh, that is why i also blur when josh called me the time..thats why you can see me only replied because i dont know what to say. hehehe

AceOne118 said...

Woah! dis time you layan your in law nice nice, next time they demand maore apa maciam? kakaka

Colleen said...

it must ve been hard on u guys to bear wit yi ma gu che sekalian.. :-p

Anonymous said...

aceone.. hehe they seen my temper before.. and i shoot them direct few times d during their visit..
they wont dare to kkcc too much

freethinker said...

Walau, call u arr? Doubt he wanna call me one.. HAHAH...

I must admit, to a certain extend, all this build-up hype is fast loosing the patience of a lot.

And how you how come across my "beautiful" review ? HAHAHA

Mischique said...

Ohh..I hate people who shop all day and BUY NOTHING!!!! Makes me feel guilty if I'm with them because I usually buy something..haha

Anyway...I'm impressed by Josh Lim's public relations.

Jacelyn Chew said...

actually wat's that advertlet? is it something like nuffnang? can earn ar? anyway, nice reading your blog. How old are u actually? Can't find any of your profile?

babyfiona said...

freethinker - haha, after ur beautiful review, u think they got the guts to call u meh?hehehe. then hor u can give comment like that to me. Sure u got write something about them before one.

mischique - both i agreed hehe

jacelyn chew - you can check their website. almost same with nuffnang. old am I ar.. guess and see??

freethinker said...

Haahaha..seng mok !!!

I am giving ur age scope from 25 to 29... hehhe

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Aih nuffnang is not helping me out much either... as I said that I will remove nuffnang by end of the week, tmr will be my last day! Still nothing, then i remove nuffnang ad ler... no point putting soemthing that's not beneficial for me.

babyfiona said...

freethinker - hehehe, maybe ^^

Nesh - Try give them a free "review" lar hehehe

freethinker said...

Hahaha... now I narrow down 26 to 29.... AHHAHA after readin ur latest post. :-)

babyfiona said...

freethinker - only 1 age differences only woh..before that u think around 25 - 29 now is 26 - 29. Hehe i am not telling. Do i looked that old?? *think until my forehead also came out zebra strips*

Huei said...

wah so nice they called up!!