Monday, May 14, 2007

He Can Drived Me Up On The Wall!

Was tagged by Jacelyn. Its on 10 things I dislike about my hubby. This is even worst than the one Huei tagged me on the Crush thingy! I really need to hide somewhere today as my hubby will be waiting for me back at home.
**pst pst, if you didnt see me blog tomorrow, please call 999 for me yah**

Wokay, Now the homework!
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Sorry Everybody, My BOSS is not happy to see all these here,so have to remove..and no worry, as i am STILL ALIVE..

Alright, I wish to tag all the name below ..

1. Nastasshea -
My fairy-Tale (she said she wanna revenge, hahaha)
2. Shannon -
Crumbs in Life (Not sure if you have done this before)
3. Wennnn -
Ah Wennnn is cooking (want to 8 kua abit) :P
4. Sweetpea -
My little Bubba ( I find her very innocent at the first place..but then..aiya..)*smack head*


freethinker said...

walau yeh macam ur husband everything also wrong la

Sweetpea said...

i done liao leh... all men the same one. they are always in the wrong but don't admit it!! right or not?! hahahaa!

of course i am innocent! i LOOK it! :P

Wennnn said...

Wah tagged me with this ah?? Sei lor Jon not my hubby yet wor so how???

ShannonC. said...

ALAMAK... I do ASAP ok?

Huei said...

wahh!! not bath for 2 days? wut he work as? my bf is a foreman..he dun bath 1 day i edi can die!!! hehehe expensive fish!!

-ritchie- said...

hahaha..u hugging a salty fish every nite?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

yeah! tag natasha and wennnn

aku sokong..... 100%

good work

yipguseng said...

no wonder suddenly ur feed msg suddenly pop-up this title as new post again :p

we all read already loh, but nvm - tell ur hubby we all will treat as we did not read anything ;)

Ichitaka Leingod said...

eh, I missed liao... XD

Rabbit said...

Aiyah i too missed this already. =(

babyfiona said...

Sorry ler everybody, i got a cold war from my hubby -__-" have to remove ler..

sweetpea - Now u dont look innocent already ler...

Wennn - hehe, but going to be mah right. Just the time only

freethinker - its not everything wrong, where got people 100% perfect one? everybody got flaws mah..

huei - Ok lar, normal work hehe , so not chou chou kind :P

ritchie - YAH! me likes to hug salty fish and then can dream eating salty fish as well :P