Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Will My Blog Cost Me My Job?

I am reading this post by Hizecool and made me thinking. Will my boss treat me to a meal of tasty fried calamari after he found out my blog or maybe my pictures in the world wide web?

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I think my case would be different with anyone else. My job practically need me to surf the web almost every single hours. I can tell you that I need the connection for me to work. Once the connection is cut off, the only thing i can do is grow mushroom in the office or maybe I can starts to grow some vegetables or flowers as well.

Every single time without fails, My boss will ask me for something that he will need, or something that he wanted to know, or maybe something that he dont know and always that would requires me to get all the informations for him ASAP! Being me, I am not a genuis nor a walking dictionery, so I will need the world wide web to tell me and supply me with all those information.

From marketing to research purposes, I will need to be connected to the www and once my boss have the idea of putting our beautiful face into our company website as well which I objected strongly because I dont want my not so beautiful face to appeard in the world wide web and spoilt everyone's day..

Anyway, Nah, i dont think my blog will cost me my job as long as I am still focusing on my job whenever I am not blogging .. or maybe I can even start marketing my company profile here..maybe..let me think first.

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frostier said...

i don't know what's happening whether they (the bosses/company) aware that I do have my own blog site.

I just can't seems to access my blog from office. Hence, I believe so lah they knew something but unsure of.

what to do. have to be discreet lor.

babyfiona said...

i think for certain companies, they will just blocked the access to any url that dint bring any good for them. As for your thinking, its only your bosses/company will know :P

zewt said...

surf net all the time? damn good la. i wish i can too. sigh.... whenever i read blogs at work or check my comments and replying them... i have to be really discreet... sigh.... like a thief!

MonkeyWong said...

Never let boss know the blog we have or else.....too bad lor, that's our secret garden, no intruder call boss cause boss always the topics, :P

Huei said...

wahh nice job u have there!

but u surf web for ur's find work related information..if they find ur blog they'll be ok with it?

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Nah! What reason can ur boss give lah for owning a blog! Hehehe!

Wei this song sound sad ler... make me wanna cry only :o/

yipguseng said...

seriously, until now ur job is still remain a myth O_O

babyfiona said...

zewt - dont say until like that lar hehehe :P

monkeywong - For me, i think its not a problem :P. Anyway, There might have high possibility some of our boss do have their own blog. We wouldnt know..

huei - Yeah, always needs to surf, surf until eyes also cannot open :p

nesh - we somemore can market for him rite?? :P Sad meh the song, sound nice to me lalala

yipguseng - hehehe its a secret! But its cheap *wink wink* :p :P ;p

cairo's mommy said...

aiks... food for though indeed.

my company temporarily blocked ALL our access (except for emails, news n gov websites)for 3 days as a gentle warning :s

azrin said...

Some companies just block all those unwanted sites. Yeah..with me as a filter..nothing gets passed.

And with the way you carry on blogging with paid may loose both jobs.

Remember this : 2-1-2 (two unpaid per paid posting)

and get yr own domain lah!

azrin @

babyfiona said...

cairo's mommy - sorry, i missed out your comment.. -_-"

azrin - yay, you as a filter.. sure nothing gets passed ler..

No worry, wont be loosing my job ^^ and errr..Not 1-1-1 ar? i always thoughts is 1-1-1 -__-" i shall go check it out again.. thanks for your advice. and i aint got money to get my own domain yet ler..