Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moody Wednesday

I might be going back to penang this Sunday..may or maybe not..if I don't go back to penang, then i can go Singapore next week..but then again, 30th June, I will need to go Ipoh for a friend wedding.

3 different places in a month. yikes..lets me analyze first the 3 places before i decides..

1. Penang (030607 - 050607) - My in law coming down this Friday and going back on sunday, so my hub planning to tag along and then stay for 1 or 2 days there to do some sales..if i tagged along, I will be sitting in the house doing nothing and cant even online..bah..might need to do house chores or worst, cook??

2. Singapore (080607 - 09/100607) - YAH, still not confirm yet but hub will be going for an exhibition there. Shall i tagged along, I can have my shopping spree as Singapore sales is ON! wooho! But colleen wont be around as she still in Italy or in the plane coming, means, also alone in the hotel or go to the lingerie exhibition and buy load of lingerie back..

3. Ipoh (300607) - My Friend wedding. Planned to go on Friday night and come back on Sunday. Can go visit around Ipoh area or go play water, muhahaha

3 places in a month. I am going to be damn broke!

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SO, i can only choose either penang or singapore and well ipoh, must go i guess.. or i can go 3 places and get someone to sponsor me with all the expenses.

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SIGH! Money Not Enough!

"Dear My God, please listen to my prayer from your humble servant or if you want, you can call me your slave. I've been a good girl *hmm, dont count just now i swear on people, close one eye and open one eyes can already lar* this whole year. I' ve been praying hard every single day *yeah in my sleep* for your guidance and your kindness, just throw the money down to me ler, not need i waste my time to search up and low for it!!"

P/s: I only pray for my GOD! that is MONEY ! Its nothing to do with any religion or whatsoever.


Colleen said...

Yes, yes, pls come n let's shop till we drop! I will be back on 9th noon...!

janicepa said...

if your prayer works.. pls let me know ar.. i oso go and pray lidis in my blog lor.. LOL !!..

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Waaaaa wasting money again! Hehehehehehe!!! Come come waste money on me! Give me $$$ or buy me $$$. No need go far far ler...hahaha!

babyfiona said...

[colleen] no money to drop ler.....-___-".

[janicepa] hehehe, will tell you the outcome ;p

[nesh] YOU DINT READ PROPERLY ar! i said money not enuff and u come ask me for money somemore. I 'poke' ur head! said...

Monkey: Dear God, pls fullfill her prayer, do drop the money $$$$$ and bananas to Baby Fiona!

Monkey: Fiona, money u take, bananas plz give to me, tq!

Huei said...

wow 3 places in 1 mth!!!!!

pls lemme know too if ur prayer works!! =P hehehe

AceOne118 said...

Babtfiona, if you go back Penang..I tumpang you but Him Heang dragon balls. If you go back Ipoh, I tumpang you buy Kampar chicken biscuits. If you go "Singapok" you enjoy go buy lingeries me tarak ngam!

babyfiona said...

[monkey] CHOI! later god dump me chiew pei! then i mah POKAI lor!

[huei] Will do will do hehehe ;p

[ace1] wa, u banyak thing u want. I pokai gila ler. If i get lingerie free sample, i kasi u lar hehehe, more syok than u eat dragon ball or chicken biscuit ;p

CRIZ LAI said...

Aiya...all also can go more Maggi Mee Lar :P

yung . said...

when god drops money to you, remember to tell me okay then i wanna pray also :P