Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Been a busy bee the whole day. The engine of my work started to move and soon i will have tonnes and tonnes of work piled up for me. Another 4 and a half month to go. This is the 3rd year been 1 person doing my work which in my previous company, the workload will be shared among 3 person at least and now ME ONLY to handle it.

Means, I wont be blogging much already..have to really start working my brain on my "primary" work unless, someone is willing to sponsor me or 'yeung' me for the rest of my live


An incident happen not long ago..now suddently remember, wanted to vomit blood!

Please open you eyes big big, next time you all saw this number plate and this company, dont ever ever rent their lorry.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Fan Shu! The f*ucking fella actually asked for Rm 200.00 to delivery an aquarium from Sri Kembangan to Subang.. TNS!

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At first, we discuss is RM 120.00 then hor, after the Aquarium is in the lorry already, the F*cuking fella ask "ei boss, sekarang macam mana kira? Dua ratus lar". D*ickhead!

See lar, morning time robbery! Give also sakit hati, dont give also cannot do anything as the aquarium already in the f*cking lorry and what the worst part is, we have only 2 person, me and hub but they got 4 big big size man with them.

When reach our place the time, the A88hole remind us again, "200 latus yah". TIU!

and one of the stupid indian actually go and touch my peebo! touch or play with her is ok lar. NIAMAH! I saw the a88hole, trying to push my peebo's ball (normal ball lar, for dog to play one got sound one, dont think senget ok) into her mouth. TNS! WHAT A F*CKING A**HOLE! argh!

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AceOne118 said...

Woah! day light robbery kah! Wokeh..noted this lorry number WNU5864 from Yin Lung Movers Transport. and I'm spreading the words! wakaka

Huei said...

haiks! wth! so rude!!!!!

next time ask peebo bite them!!! =D

Ichitaka Leingod said...

no manners betul...! all ppl unite n boycot them!

Rabbit said...

wee? U move house ka?

Gallivanter said...

RM200 is ridiculous! And putting that ball into the dog's (Peebo's a dog right?) mouth, I would've gone berserk!

babyfiona said...

[ace1] - help me to "dap" them lar ;p

[Huei] - how i how my peebo will bite his assoff lar.. this is what i actually tell peebo after the Asshole went off. "wei, why u dunt bite him, bite his dick mah, he stand so close to you, u go left right left right your tail for what?"

[itchitaka] they not only no manner, they actually day light robbery!! boycott boycott them!

[lehbit] No ler, move aquarium only, when i rich only i move house ;p. Now kung like shit.

babyfiona said...

[gallivanter] - 200 latus can buy a new aquarium tank already..*sob sob*. Yeah peebo is a dog, her actual name is Peekaboo . peebo for short ;p.

peebo also stupid, should have bite the fella but she go left right left right the tail..-__-"

dynamichui said...

If peebo need help , yau choy always here to handle the lorry asshole.hahahah
Good at chasing people around.

conan_cat said...

wahlao! rm200 for just a stupid delivery? that's obviously overcharged lor! last time my teacher rent lorry to move HOUSE from sri petaling to kelana jaya also rm80 nia... then we happy with his service give him another rm50 tip.

200! i'll remember that wretched name for sure

babyfiona said...

[dynamichui] thanx, if u happen to saw lorry with the mentioned no plate, just asked yau choy to get their asses :p

[conan_cat] -___-" now i am more 'char tou' 80 puluh for whole house..*fainted*

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Bunch of idiots, no-good, sore loser, bastard, hypothenic (dun even know what neshimaru word is this), brainless, JERKS!