Monday, May 21, 2007

No Crank At All!

Wooho! My hubby will be going to love this! NO-CRANK™ hose reel will going to be my hubby next lover with No Batteries, No Electricity, No Springs and certainly no cranking means hassle free and easy to use! What good is, this innovative hose reel will automatically rewinds with only the power of water! Yay!

I can save on my moolah!

NO-CRANK™ hose reel not only served as garden tools, its also good for my hubby rearing fish hobby. Have you imagine the hassle of changing the water of 2 units of 4 feet aquarium and you will have to pull the normal hose and then roll them back again? For my hubby case, he will just leave it outside due to tiredness of changing the water.

With No Crank retractable Garden Hoses, he can just change the aquarium water and then this ground-breaking technology will uses its Hydro-Pro™ system which takes the water pressure and converts it into the power needed to rewind up to 175ft of reel!

What is good? There are so many varietyof designs and with features to choose from!

I personally likes these two. Looks so COOL!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSuburban

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usEstate

NO-CRANK has a solution for everyone! Anyone want to offer me the solution on complimentary? Buzz me alright?? :P

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