Monday, May 21, 2007

My Rant on Monday Morning..

I am so freaking tired. I been changing my blog layout until my eye balls wanted to pop out, my brain squeezed to the maximum, my face full with live volcanos, my waist line jumped from a nice 27.5 inch to ugly 29.5 inch..Ok lar, maybe not 27.5 inch
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Anyway, my point is, how do you all actually knows how to read all those HTML coding..or this CSS coding..I faced my lappy until i feel like wanted to vomit. My heart beat thumping like nobody business and anytime can kaput!

Its all started on saturday fansee, Colleen asked me why i changed my layout and I gave her a simple answer. "Leng lor" (beautiful) and this the outcome of my NOOBINESH. Sorry ler, this vocab, u will need to check with Nastasshea, my another fansee. She the in the making of creating her own NESHIMARU language. I got the idea from her, so pluhlease, go and check with her.

All i want, is just a new look for my spectator..You all lar..who else. I want you all to have a pleasent view at my blog, so after reading all my nonsense stuff, your eye wont feel like popping out like ping pong ball and to make you all goes woolala!

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Wark!!! (I learned this from chocobo, Final Fantasy cute little chick) ..needs to stop here and back to work. Sweetpea said I must be liking fried sotong very muchee..but then again, i only likes those that I can eat, put inside my mouth and chew! Not those my boss belanja me one.

So, for all those potatoes that find their name here, nick here, or link inside this particular post, YOU ARE ALL BEEN TAGGED BY ME and Me and ME. Anyway, One of you already been tagged by my Ngao Jeung, consider it as double tag lor. Ngao Jeung of course no need to do lor, because only potatoes needs to do ler..

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Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Waaaa like that tag me one? Heheheh!!! Noobinesh somore! Hahhaa!!

Nicely done man ur post! Like a story only! U and aceone sama gang lah..make sure dun bcome hamsap like him enough! Kekekeke!!

freethinker said...

how to do this 1.. confused le

babyfiona said...

nesh - u lar same gang with ace1, I mana got hamsap -___-".

freethinker-this tag is about "who is my fansee". List 5 person out lor and your fansee will continue the tag on lor..that easy ^^

Rabbit said...

Haha, at one moment also i tarak understand this tag. Ohh! Rupanya is this fansee tag. =P

babyfiona said...

rabbit - free carrot for you :P. Saja want to do it that way, wont be so boring lor and somemore i lazy wanna do 2 post, so 1 post kill 2 rabbits.. ops..wrong birdie :p

Huei said...

keng way of tagging ppl!!! hehehe

MonkeyWong said...

Oh no....(wrong expression I guess)
Now ur blog look gooooooood!
Well done!

babyfiona said...

huei - hehe, suddently popped up to do like that on a monday morning :p

monkey wong - wrong expression of what ar ..??? thanx for the compliment :P