Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No Post

Sssshhhh! I am lazy. No entry today. Dont ask, see photos can already..

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Cute Siberian Husky! Who wanna sponsored me??

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She is so cute! Cost RM 1200.00 expensive but she is uber cute!

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She looked like Snow White, such a beauty! Nesh! RM 1,200.00 only woh, really dont want to buy?? You see, she look so adorable, so fluffy and so hugable!

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See her cute little drop ears. So soft. NESH! I WANT! YOU COME AND SPONSOR ME!

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Sure Nesh wont want to sponsor me to get these cute angels. I shall bury myself in these foods better..

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Nice Vinegar Pork Leg

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Or Tom Yam Gong! Yummy!

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One more option! Chicken Teriyaki steak!! Woohoo! *Salive starts to drip*

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So, how you all feeling right now? hungry or not jek?

Want to go for supper / breakfast / lunch / dinner?

come! come!

You belanja!

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yung . said...

GAH! the husky really is QUTE! call ur hubby buy lah then you can everyday blog about her hahaa

babyfiona said...

[yung] too expensive already..he dont wan to sponsor sponsor me lar :P. then i everyday blog about you sponsor me ^^

Huei said...

so cute doggies!!!

sponsor me oso!! hehehe

tom yum..mmm..looks SO yummy!!!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Arg!! You are tempting me!! Ooooo the doggie soooo cute!!! Arg!! NO!! I shall not waste money buying it! Grrr but so cute!!!


Fluffy the Muffly Dog said...

Grrrrr you want to replace me with that DOG! Dun temp Mommy Nesh!! Grrr!!

yipguseng said...

siberian husky, tat's my big time favourite..:( saw in ss2 pet shop, rm2k+

CRIZ LAI said...

This first thing I saw was that nice cute Siberian Husky...then the snow white then nice food...but towards the end ask people belanja pula...LOL

Thanks your yr comments :)

-ritchie- said...

woo..cute doggie..i love doggie..
luckily i just eat very full..

w e E k S ~ said...!
dogs cannot eat 1..wats d point...
sotong!tomyam! !!!!!!!!!!

by the way..chocolate chips = chocolate + chips :)
that was my reason for doing it :)

babyfiona said...

[huei] - you already got ur baby woh, later your baby jealous again, then how?

[nesh] - we go share share lar, when she is cute and loveable the time i play play with her :p. when she poopoopeepee you kautim her ;p

[Fluffy] - sooohh sooohh! go away *closed door*

[yipguseng] - here taipan 1.8K only nia! come come and buy lar ;p and buy for me as well !

[Chrislai] - hehehe, end of the month already, no money to eat ;p so are you doing to buy me?

[ritchie] - yaiks! i failed *sob sob*

[weeks] - -____-" of course doggie cannot eat lar. But can hug what! i belanja you makan sotong, you sponsor me buy doggie lar ;p

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i love siberian husky
they got blue eyes