Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fraud Email from Fakey..

I received an email from assistance@paypal.com notifiying me that I just added in another email address to my account and if I did not authorised the changes, please click on the link given and notifying them.

For all my fellow friend, if you happen to received this kind of email, please DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK GIVEN and immediately send an email to paypal.com and notifying them about the email sent to you. BECAUSE IT IS A FAKE EMAIL to get to your password and access into your account..

Stupid Me, totally forgot about those asshole people that really cannot earn moo lah by themself and needs to get into our account to steal our hard earned moo lah, I clicked on the link given..

Right after I clicked on it, then only i remember, SHIT!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So i fast fast go and changed my password and deleted all my cookies stored in my lappy..then emailed the stupidito email to real paypal about this fakey paypal and hopefully nothing happen to my funds ...

I will always remember this tip i got from the real paypal as the fakey addressed me as paypal member when they send me the email..Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*This tip below was taken from paypal.com*

"Look for a PayPal Greeting: PayPal will never send an email with the greeting "Dear PayPal User" or "Dear PayPal Member." Real PayPal emails will address you by your first and last name or the business name associated with your PayPal account. If you believe you have received a fraudulent email, please forward the entire email—including the header information—to spoof@paypal.com. We investigate every spoof reported. Please note that the automatic response you get from us may not address you by name."

Oh! and by the way, the fakey used the exact same logo as paypal but with a very low resolution. So whenever you receives any email from paypal, please check their logo and at the bottom , their copyrights claimer. Fake one goes like this = Copyright © PayPals and the real one is without the 's'


iCalvyn said...

spoof@paypal.com... now i only know... last time i still remember i have receive before... but i just ignore and delete it

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

hua ha ha ha ha ha ha

next time be careful lor...

babyfiona said...

icalvyn - the spoof@paypal.com is the email u need to send the fraud email you received to.

pisang goreng - yalor..have to lor..if not i wont have money to buy pisang from u already ler..

AceOne118 said...

Thanks for the info. If you didn't post it, dungu like me blur-blur go and click it ledi.! Manyak tenkiu lu.

Huei said...

i got that before last time oso! but then gmail put it into spam so didnt kena

luckily u smart fast fast go change ur password and email paypal after that! =D

yipguseng said...

wow, luckily u realized it immediately! :O

and also, thanks for the reminder ;)

yung . said...

wooot thanks for the info! really helped us alot in preventing this kind of fraud.


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Stoopid people..nothing better to do want to cheat ppl money! I go HAIYAK KAZUUMM!!

Sure mati kong!

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Hi! first time here! Nice blog!!

Will come more frequent if got time! :-)

babyfiona said...

Ace1 ,Yipguseng, Yung, No problemo, its actually a reminder for myself.. ;p

Huei - You so lucky, i also received it as spam but still i got open it -__-" stupid dum dum me.

Nesh - Yeah, come, you haiyak kazuum the fella for me! Mati kong kong, muhahaha

cutieprincessmymmy - Hi! thanks for dropping by, hope to see you here more ^^. Your blog is also Nice!

Bengbeng said...

Thanks for the tip. Invaluable info for me. Nice reading some of yr stuff :)