Thursday, June 28, 2007


Diamond! Anyone of you all does'nt like diamond? What if is free of charge and from him!

I saw this brand of jewellery selling diamond (real diamond of course, not those few ringgit fakey) at Plaza Summit and find it quite catchy! Come I show you!

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Diamoney Jewellery

Let me seperate the name for you to see.

Dia = Him ( in Bahasa Malaysia)

Money = Money of course

So the meaning of it shall be "HIS MONEY!"

Now I understand what the meaning behind their motto!

"Dreams of Beauty Come True"

He came out with his money and get you your Diamond! Of course Dreams of Beauty Come true! But for your guy, it will be a nightmare!

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I can bet the person who is actually created the name or the brand must be a lady.


Huei said...


i must bring my bf there edi! =P

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Diamond = Die man!! An expression that will be said by the guy when his gal points to a diamond! LOL

Rabbit said...

eh! U faster bring ur loukong there ler!! =P

babyfiona said...

[huei] fast fast bring, i saw got discount ;p

[kev] haha, the way u address the diamond is even funnier! lol!

[rabbit] i dont like diamond, no value when u wanted to sell it off one.I want GOLD BAR! LOLS!

Sweetpea said...

if only the world is this perfect! :P

CRIZ LAI said... wonder i'm always pokai after gong into a gem shop..haha :P