Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Trip To The Space

I always thought that, we as a normal person would not be able to visit the space. Yes! The Space as in the space outside the earth. Not the empty space kind of space.

Would you believe me of I am telling you now that my hub actually went for a space exploration. Just last week ago?

" Dont be kidding me"

" Nah! go back and sleep"

" Chiew! I will bet on my foot/head/insert your own version that you pulling my leg"

These are the normal reaction or answers that I am expecting. Am I right? But I bet on all my PPP fund that I am having now *left 5 usd only, laughing on the floor* that what I am telling you is not a lie! I can even show you the proof !

Come Come! Let me show you!

The look of the Space Ship!

see, hub going in to the space ship! No bluffing!

See, there my hub went into this Space Ship and then was brought to a 3D dimensional experience on The Space!
Which part of The Space, I am not so sure because I did not went for the exploration. I got castrophobia! No way I am going into such a HUGE space ship!

come together with a banner somemore!

By the way, the cost to The Space..RM 15.00 ONLY. Anyone interested? Please go visit the Space Ship next to the entrance of Sg Wang Plaza. Not sure when its will end but want to go, must hurry up!





AceOne118 said...

Wakakakak!!!this space ship can go to the moon anot? I left something there last time!

Anston said...

RM15 ler!!! how long u sit in there?
Somemore after reading oso need to bayar to u ar, funny ler...

Huei said...

is the moon made out of cheese?? =D

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Blek blek blek!!

monkeywong.com said...

I saw it too, I thought this one can go to sun! :P

Ichitaka Leingod said...

just sit inside ka? got anti graviti inside the ship or not? XD

_butt said...

wow! RM15! can stay inside for how long? :D

Rabbit said...

*grabs all my carrots and run away* I no money to pay u! BLek!!

seraphangel said...

i thought you were referring to the broken "spaceship" in Sunway Lagoon.

babyfiona said...

[ace1] dont know, u go and try lar! what u left there woh? ;p

[anston] yeah RM 15 only..i never sit ler..yalar..i bet with my all PPP money mah i telling the thruth hehe.

[huei] cheese..no ler..should be using chocolate!

[nesh] blek me for what 0_0"

[monkeywong] U never try meh? go with your donkey lar

[ichitaka] How about u go and try and let me know ;p

[_butt]around 10 minutes only hehehe. Cost to moon expensive lar!

[rabbit] eh! you left one big juicy one here! I keep for u 1st yah *wink wink,take a bite*

[seraphangel] hehe no lar, Sunway lagoon got broken spaceship me??