Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Egg or Chicken??

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I still remember when I am young the time, my teacher used to ask all her students "Anyone know who came first? Egg or chicken??

I never thought we will never ever have the answer for the question but of course, we think until our brain stucked with the question of "WHO CAME FIRST"

It was just irritating yet tempting enough for someone like me to find out in curiosity!

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I kept asking the 'big' people in my family. "Uncle uncle, aunty aunty, who came first? Chicken or Egg??? Pwwuuueeezzee pwuetty pwueeze tell me"

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But when the young kids ask, "Mommy where did I come from?" then the daddy will try to explain seriously but when failed will say, "Go ask your mommy" and mommy will sweat like she's in sahara desert trying to explain the birds and the bees!

NOW~! Lets look back at the issue of WHO CAME FIRST? EGG OR CHICKEN?

But you know what I REALLY think who came first?

* showing happy face *

But you know what I REALLY think who came first?


I think... I think... I THINK PIKACHU CAME FIRST!!

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Anyway, this post i copied from Princess of the Fairy-Tale World, Princess Neshimaru who bestowed me with her highness permission to plagiarist her post on Chicken or Egg??

YES! i get her permission first before i copy her post. If you wanted to be a copy cat, please at less, have the courtesy of asking the owner or at less, mentioned her post or name. Worst case, just linked her in your particular post. Is not that hard to do right?

Another thing, should you decided to copy other people post, Pwwuuueeezze!! change all the sentences and the TITLE as well! This is what i called as "eat already, must wipe your mouth"!
(translate to Cantonese lar)

Wokey, off to watch my TVB drama. Next time, dont let me caught you copy my post! I wont let you go that easily.

You should know who you are. BLEK!


k0k s3n w4i said...

well, according to something I've read recently; the egg comes first, which gave rise to the first chicken. the egg was laid by a bird that is nearly a chicken, but not quite yet (if you believe in evolution, that it ;) )

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hahaha good one!! Point well extracted! WAHAHAHA!! Hear that copy cats!! NO COPYING!! Only quoting and crediting the original author is allowed when copying!

Grrrrr make our life miserable seeing ppl taking our own hard work of blogging and PPP-ing.

But...I still think... SPONGEBOB CAME FIRST!! WAhahahaA!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

no la sperm came 1st.

if no sperm how can egg fertilize?
ka ka ka ka ka ka ka

yipguseng said...

i tot i saw some dejavu. first is Nesh's blog now ur blog. hehehe, so have 90% expectation on ur final answer already :P

so..anymore low standard copy and paste action goin on?

AceOne118 said...

Aiks! I thought I'm in Nesh' blog tim. Remember I read this b4. Mana tau you "kopi" it WITH permission. Hahaha.

Eggs or Chicken comes first doesn't matter. Most important is I likes to eat eggs and chicken!!!

I'm glad you made the right decision by letting him go this time. Every one deserves a 2nd chance.

janicepa said...

*drop off from my chair.. ** .. why pikachu comes first ??? why ???

Huei said...

good one!!

to hell with copycats!! kekeke

actually i thought this was a tag!! hehe

babyfiona said...

[koksenwai] hehe, i dont have the answer, as i copied this post from princess of Fairly-Tale World . U can check with her ;p

[nesh]thanks to u for allowing me copy hehehe. next time i can continued to copy hor? ;p. Anway i think Pikachu 1st!

[pisang] then where is the sperm comes from? must be something or someone to produce the sperm de mah!

[yipguseng] hehehe, fake dejavu ;p

[ace1] ;p. Yalar, 1st time mistake only, its ok lar, anyhow, he still a new blogger, i dont want to see anything like the previos "drama" happen.

[wenn] hehe..sakit tak u dropped from ur seat ;p. Yeah! pikachu came 1st!Always be the 1st!

[huei] hehe, looked like a tag hor? want to do or not jek? we can continue to make it become like a tag LOL ;p

seraphangel said...

and here I thought you had a serious answer, kena TIPU!! and did pikachu hatch from an egg or what?

Cedric said...

In Pokemon, Pikachu came out from an egg too! LOL *oops* now everyone knows I still play Pokemon. Hahaha young at heart what to do? Babyfiona you rawk too! Haha

babyfiona said...

[seraphangel] hehe, sorry lar, i where got so keng chau, got the answer for this question whereby alot of people still haven't got the answer to it ;p

[cedric] ssshh! dont tell people pikachu came from *gg! btw, u still play pokemon ar ;p. i very long time never play edy. now only left with gunbound ;p

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Ahah!! Pikachu came from egg!!! Caught u RED HANDED! You are arrested for .... er.... mmm......................................................

Nevermind! Nothing to see here! *Run fast fast*

Rabbit said...

I thought I commented? U deleted jor ah? *cries*

devildairy said...

er... I still dont understand...
Why pikaciu, cannot totoro mer?

Wokking Mum said...

Egg comes first leh.

Did that person copy you again? Buay Pai Say ah!

Sweetpea said...

chicken and egg...hmm... headache only. nebermind, while you are still pondering, other than pikachu, here's a tag for you :)

babyfiona said...

[nesh] who said? BLEK! the egg for them to rest only ;p

[rabbit] eh! dint see ur comment boh! you got comment or not? or wrong blog ;p

[devildiary] can! but not in my blog ;p . HERE, PIKACHU cames 1ST!

[wokking mom] egg comes from where leh?? ;p . Check liaw, no copy hehe

[sweetpea] HAR!!! tag again!!? i go check...*sob sob*