Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Empty Brain..

Was chatting with Nesh a moment ago in the great invention of microsoft, Windows live messenger. I cannot denied that is the greatest invention where we can not only chat with our friends, we can even heard their lovely voice and see their pretty / handsome /duck-looked/ monkey-looked face while chatting with them.

I know this is true when i saw my boss face happily chatting with his son who is now studying in Sheffielf, UK, using live messenger the other day early in the morning. No wonder, he came to office so early..even the moment i woke up from my bed to go down and shut down my laptop, I can see my boss is already online at 8.20am. He is not that kind of person that will on his laptop during non-working hours, so, if he is online, means he is in the office already.

Back to my chatting with Nesh.

I was complaining my brain was so drained to the maximum because I don't have any more ideas on what to blog about.

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If i keep on with my daily rants, I think eventually, people might get fed-up and say sayonara to me. Then you can see me like this:-

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Well, we came up with an idea ! Curios??

Will be back with it later!


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hahha!! Good one!! Leave them in SUSPENSE!!! Love it love it love it!!

Hehe people! TRUST ME! It's GOOD. Better keep urself updated for the next post! Hint? NAH! Hehehe! Too good to just spill it out!


MonkeyWong said...

walau, monkey cabut first, dunno wat these 2 girl come out with...... tata.....

Rabbit said...

Cis! Create suspense!

AceOne118 said...

Blek! No head No tail mia stori.

Huei said...

820am! wow!!!

yung . said...

lolz so your new idea is about pikachu eh! hahaa nice one!