Saturday, June 2, 2007

Keng Chau Blog! Must go and visit

Aiyo, i syok syok blog hopping and then hopped into a dizzy i got a lot of stars flying around my head..panadol please..

Dont know what am I talking right? you come come and click
here. I for sure you also will be the same like me. I trying to figure out what the heck is that until i saw the header.

Mm Si Teochew Lang, Mm Si Hakka Lang,
Wa Si Hokkien Lang

No wonder i dont understand! All in Hokkien language..

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Now before you wanted to say why i never go see the header first or the title, sorry to say, YOU THINK I AM SO FREE TO SEE THE BLOG'S HEADER one by one ar? UNLESS its so darn nice with photos/picture/illustration/cartoon/sexy guy/sexy girl/colourful headers like Ace1,or maybe Nesh,or just a nice pair of shoe will do good.

Anyway, he bloody darn good, can actually blogged in hokkien language! Sai lek! Wa ka lu kong, wa ng zhai lu kong mat yeh! So, its my first time and have to be my last time to hop to this blog. So unfortunate for me..Anyone who can actually understand the language, please pay him a visit, and explain to me what he blogged lar..i very the curious lar..

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pisang goreng 115,NF said...

wa chai E kong hamik......
ki ki ki ki

that means know wat he say.....
you wan to learn hokkein kar?

Rabbit said...

Wa lau! His blog dem yeng! Keke!

His latest post is saying about exam ler. He say being a student is very the sien when it comes to exam. Wanna check mails watch tv also got no time. Early morning wake up need to study already, read here read there all same thing, read already pun sien.

Kaka! I couldnt agree better!!

yung . said...

i think you would need to wait for google to come out with a hokkien-english translator for you baru can read the blog.. kakaa

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wahlau I really pening lor! I dun understand what the heck the fella saying. Hahhaa!! Okok next time u blog in cantonese ya! Hehehehahaha!!

CRIZ LAI said...

**seeing stars and counting... one... two... three...four...** I Hokkien Lang also see stars liao. Aiya...I saw one of this type in Friendster too... 1st and last time i visit. Too hard to understand :P

AceOne118 said...

I thought it is in 'tamil' tim!!!!!!!! wakakaka

babyfiona said...

[pisang] No need to learn lar, you know what he means, then u translate to me faster mah right ?^^

[lehbit]Wah, you so nice, hehe, direct translate to me tim. tenkiu tenkiu. Next time, i post again about his blog and u translate again for me lar ;p. I buy u carrots ok?

[yung] dont think google will comes up with hokkien translation lar .LOLS

[nesh] ngor ng chi toa dim yeung blog in kong tung wah yi gar already blur blur of what i am typing +_____+"

[criz lai] hehe, u should sing "twinkle twinkle little start, how i wonder how many you are". aiyo, how come lehbit and pisang can understand lor..u fake hokkien issit ;p

IMMomsDaughter said...

Thanks for linking me. Your link will be up on my blog pretty soon.
Kamsiah lu, wa si Hokkien lang.

danielctw said...

haha... i need to go pay that palce a visit later.. but me not hokkien lang though

Huei said...

wah interesting!!!!!!

Rabbit said...

Okay! Lo ploblem!