Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Sunday Moody Night

Will you know what you will be doing at this time, this place by tomorrow?

As for me, I DON'T!

I don't even know if by tomorrow, will i be still alive and still blogging for you all to read. Really, i don't know.

NO, don't worry, I *touch wood* don't have any sickness or whatsoever problems. Just that we wont know what will happen to us tomorrow unless we are some sort of witch or human with super power *yes think heroes*. Otherwise there is no chance to know whether we will still be alive next day or the day maybe.

A year with lots of news of peoples around dying / battling with any form of cancer doesn't make a good year for me. I once think, how come last 2 years i never even heard any people have any contact with cancer, then suddenly, in 1 year time, will encounter so many cases with people around. Peoples whom might not close to me , but then again, as a human being, I really can not lied to myself that when someone dies, even though you don't know them, you will still feel the impact. Whenever i heard someone died, I have this gloomy black cloud above my head, a stone weight feeling inside my heart and automatically my eyes will start to produce tear for me to release.

The very 1st case i stumbled upon is when one of my ex-colleague cousin lost his battle with brain tumor. From his his dad's blog, he is such a sweet, handsome cute little boy and well, he lost the battle and leave behind a sweet memory for his family members as a very strong boy who fight until the end.

In the same month, I blog hopped to a sweet, cute teenage girl who is also around the same age as the one above, and she too leave behind a blog which later, a close friend of her blogged the last entry on behalf of her.

Well, shall if I continue to blog about this sickness, I think i blogged until next year also I wont be able to finish.

Last but not least, just heard from my hub, our usual hair stylist's daughter whom she always come and play with me while I waiting for my hub to cut his hair, has leukemia..and she is only 1 1/2 years old..if i did not get it wrong. She is cute a adorable kid and she have to suffer at this very young age.

Me, myself don't believe in the existence of god. So sorry for all the believer, but for me, there is no god, shall the god is around us, or above the sky or where ever she/he might be, why don't he/she comes and look at the world, how come so many people suffering from this sickness and how could he/she actually let its happen?

Doesn't he/she have the sympathy to even a newly borned toddle of a 1 and a half years old? Yah, the doctor said, she have a 80% rate of discovery but then again? why she needs to suffer?? WHY? You tell me!


Huei said...

sigh..i feel ur pain..the impact of knowing that another life is gone is really hard to bear.

as for god..i oso duno if i believe anot

Colleen said...

Baby, dun be too negative...

Things happen for a reason, whatever will be, will be.

Life, old, sickness, death, all pre-destined.. all we can do, live our days to the fullest...?

Rabbit said...

Yeah, one of my schoolmate passed away last year due to muscle cancer. And by the time she noticed it, it was already the last stage. She used to be most popular student in college. Very pretty, very brilliant, out-going as well. Now it's all gone.

And because of that, one of my good friends actually couldnt take the fact and now she is suffering from depression. Always wanna commit suicide only.

*big big sigh*

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Aih myself now on the fence dunno whether God is real or not. I look at all the sufferings and tend to question that if God love us, we shouldn't be suffering but in good care of His Almighty Highness. So maybe there is no God.

But on the other hand, there are existence of ghosts. So does that mean that God exist too?

Maybe life is how you want to lead to. To some, life is spiritual. To some, life is scientific cause. To some, life is just LIFE.

But all in all, LIFE IS SHORT! Period!

Ichitaka Leingod said...

Sad to say, the world is not a fair place. Evil ppl live longer than good ppl, nice ppl poorer than bad rich guys. where is the justice? nobody knows...

so live life to your fullest, cause u may not know when u r gone and not able to do it all later. be nice to everyone around you, so that when u leave, you will still stay in their hearts...

yung . said...

when people dies, means they have finished suffering from this world. Die bring peace.

This is how I think. many people might not think this way, or object how i think, but this would make me feel better.

AceOne118 said...

Life is short. I want to enjoy now to the max.

babyfiona said...

No mood to comment back..just forget about it..just a stupid normal rant of the day...