Monday, June 18, 2007

MIA Part 3

My Hotel is SO BIG until if we sleep like dead fish also, we wont fall down from the bed.

I am not sure what happen to my photos, 2 of the photos featuring my ROOM gone -.-"

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So small only nia, the screen size is even smaller than my laptop screen..

But you can see they actually sized up the TV and and of course no cabinet to minimize the thing inside the room.

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apart from the bed, these are the only thing inside the room. Nothing more..not even a cupboard for you to hang your clothing. You can see we hanged it just beside the bed..

Wokey, I shall stop all the crap of this Hotel 81 Chinatown, which after I checked with my sister, she said its actually a Hotel for a quick fix (you should understand what I mean by quick fix ler)

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lots of Wedding related item available. Chiew! When I need the time, Cant seem to find it, Now dont want already saw so many!-.-

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At the new temple, dont even get the name of the temple. Too tired . See my tired face? Looked like pergi pasar kind of auntie!

Nothing interesting, What we did is walk walk walk and walk until leg also wanted to fall out. But we saw a GIANT LEHBIT in a very small pet shop. The GIANT LEHBIT cost SGD 600! I think its almost as BIG as this

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Not too clear?

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can see or not now?

Then I saw this little cute fella. So cute, so fluffy, so Lehbit!

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Wait for Part 4 lar..I very tired...


Rabbit said...

Ahhh! I want rabbit as buah tangan! Why u no bring back rabbit for me wor? *cries*

AceOne118 said...

Aiseyman! your room kira big ledi lah. You haven't seen mine. I went to Pee Dee trip. My bangalow lagi BIG!!!! WAKAKAKA

CRIZ LAI said...

Gosh...even the rabbit's face looks better than yours. What have you been doing in that "quick fix" room...LOL. Jest joking :P

Huei said...

awww so cute the rabbits!!!!!

Ichitaka Leingod said...

the cute rabbit cost how much? XD

cairo's mommy said...

eh, hotel 81 no need wardrobe cos their usual customers are always in a hurry to get out of the clothing so no time to hang em up hahaha. needless to say, also very fast putting em back on cos they only rent the room for 2 hours :p

what? didnt' u know? hehehe :p

babyfiona said...

[lehbit] you r a lehbit mah, still want another lhbit hehe, i tangkap u and kasi u balik lar ;p

[ace1]your bungalow look more like a toilet LOL! :P

[criz lai] sleep lar of course, we no need quick fix lar, we married edy, legal one . LOL!

[huei] the small size one is cute, but the big one. *shake head, shake leg and shake whole body*

[itchitaka] hehe, never check, saw the giant rabbit already made me stunned -.-

[cairo's mommy] now u telling me
-____-". BLEK!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

LOL... to think u actually check into hotel 81... but I guess its cheap! Anyway tot ur gals can walk and walk forever one? will feel tired meh? LOL