Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Helpless ADDICTION!

I am so happy though kinda sad because I still can not actually get rid the of it. I am addicted..how can anyone help me with this. I AM ADDICTED and I can not do anything to help myself.

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Last sunday night, me and hub went to Sg Wang and spend around 27 ringgit for this addicting game..

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And previous week is another few 10 ringgits and what I get is this my new collection of Pink Panther. The quality is so nice! Its doesnt even looked like those china made toy!

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Opps! Sorry, its original one!

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Wanna know what i got for the latest collection? Only RM 1 each and i got 6 of it. 2 already given to my hub's bro and the GF and one now proudly belong to Princess Neshimaru!

Ops! mentioned her name..i need to back to my work..owed her something urgently ..hehehe, will update the toy that i got later! BLEK!


AceOne118 said...

I can still remember you kept a lot in your store room. Got anymore to spare anot? My my niece lah!! kekeke

Ichitaka Leingod said...

wow, so keng ah... so untung more than rugi lor? XD

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Finish my work fast fast!! Grrr! HAhahahahaHEheehheahaha!!! *Run fast fast*

Oooo I cute Post Pet pink corour!

yipguseng said...

a lot of lesson fees had been paid before to become pro like her wan leh :P

Huei said...

wah u can get it??? i spent so much in sungaiwang for these oso cannot get!!! so keng!!

Wilson said...

lou gung help ma...
she sex... ops.. toy addict ma...

babyfiona said...

[ace1] hehehe, got got but my collection woh ;p

[ichitaka] now untung of course hehe, last time rugi like hell!

[nesh]havent finish also ler until now LOL!

[yipguseng] yeah! u r correct! but how u know? you also an addict leh?

[huei] me and my hub spent alot last time to have the skill ;p

Rabbit said...

Woah, got so many toys! eh u help me kiap the toys also ler, so panai! keke!

babyfiona said...

[lehbit] hehe, not everyday also sunday ler..sometimes they actually fix the machine one, cannot giap at all one. lucky i saw a couple giap 1st and saw the machine is working perfectly ;p