Friday, July 13, 2007

A Friday 13th Afternoon

Went to watch Harry Potter 5.0 The Order of The Phoenix last night when me and hubb dont have the feeling wanted to go back home. Reached summit at 7.30 pm and proceed direct to check if there is any tickets left for us.

Reached the que lines and the que looks like a large snake with so many people wanted to catch up with Harry. I saw at one of the cinema screening the pricing and availability of the seats. Normal hall the ticket price is RM 9 and THX hall priced at RM 10. I wonder how can they simply put the pricing?

Itu kerajaan takde bagi guides punya ke untuk ketetapan harga untuk hiburan? Macam itu, mampus lar, lain kali kalau GSC punya boss tak cukup duit nak pergi xxx (letak lar sendiri, you nak letak apa apa aje) I ingat , dia mesti naikkan harga tinggi tinggi,sampai cukup untuk dia makan.

After a 15 minutes of queing, finally we get ourself a 2 tickets at RM 9 per pax and well, luckily they just opened a new hall for Harry and the friends, if is not, then I guess, today, i would have to use a neck supporter to support my stiff neck.
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No phoenix. No action.. only dissapoinment!

A 2 hours show and all the times, I been yawning inside the hall because, it is really so damn boring! I tell you, THIS IS THE WORST HARRY POTTER MOVIE among the all! Shit! wasted my money and my time.

I tell you I rather spend the money and go watch Transformer for the 2nd time. Truly awesome! Hey, I know I did not blog about it, but it does't means it is not nice, okay!

I saw so many people bloged about it, so what the point I blog again and let you all complain have to read it again! right? Ok, Roll out! * roll out or roll off?*



healy said...

Hi, fiona. I am a virgin here. haha... First time lah, ok? :)

I don't feel like watching Harry Potter after reading your review.

I've watched and even blog on Transformer already. But, still considering Fantastic 4. :)

Jacelyn Chew said...

i didn't even watched the previous episode. i went for HP 1 in cinema, still ok. but then i watched HP 2 at home, I fell asleep after 1/2 hr.

Btw, i've tagged u wor...

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you know......
i think oso waste to car park money....

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Waaa I dun dare to read ur post yet! Haven't seen the movie. *Sob sob* Play mahjong!!

38kia said...

SHIT, i just online booked 2 tickets for tonight.. WTF KNNCCB!!
how? how??

babyfiona said...

[healy] Hi! *waving my hand* thanks for dropping by! The transformer really much more better comparing potter. Fantastic 4 also a good ones if compare with potter.

[jacelyn chew] wah! HP 2 u already zzz if u watch this one, i think within 5 minutes, u will in enter the dreamland. Wokey, will check it out!

(pisang) yalor..Wasted parking fees also. ZZZ at home better

[nesh] disappointment!

[38kia] hi! *wave all my tentacles* never see you around here. Welcome. No worry, if you are HP fans then, it would be alright. ;p

yung . said...

yah totally agree! the worst harry potter movie ever..

anyway, dropped by to tell you that you've been tagged! nyek nyek

babyfiona said...

[yung] aiyak! tag again -_____-" why u so like that one...*sob sob*

yipguseng said...

fuhh~~ luckily i not yet watch it! :D

now i really have to seriously consider whether wanna watch or not loh..

Huei said...

yarr..the movie seem so rushed..aye..i oso yawning throughout the movie..i think it's cos i havent slept the night b4! hehehe

Rabbit said...

i've never watched harrykotter before! =P

yesterday my friend and I went for movie, and they have a board there written "only first row left for transformers and harry potter for the WHOLE day".

Malaysians are crazy. -__-