Tuesday, July 17, 2007

170707 A Day To Remember

So unlucky today. This time is really unlucky kind of unlucky. Nearly broke my new car key and lost my W810i.

What actually happen today was today was the first day I tried to drive the new avanza to work and me being the super lazy I woke up at 8.45 am. Late again. Rushed out from house at around 9.15am. Sigh..and I still remember that I promised some friend of my boss that I would be waiting for him in the office at 9 to 9.30 am.

Rushed out from home and drove the new avanza to work. As usual parked at the same location to avoid any summon because I no money to pay for parking. PPP just don't give enough opp for me to pay for the parking!

well being me a dumb dumb, I could'nt take out the key. I went from a so-good-mood * I wear so pretty today* to OMFG! " Don't play play, I am already late!"

I tried so many times to off and on the engine and tried to pull out the key but at no avail. At the same time, I turned my head left right left right to search for the shadow of Princess Neshimaru, hoping that she can come to my rescue recalling that her brother owning an avanza.

Wait wait wait, its alreacy clocking at 9.35am..sigh! And today I was the only one with the office key... Die! Die! Die! Finally I could'nt wait anymore and starts to search for the menu of the car and read about some ignition problem. I was like shit! Its a new car! How can this happen?? Die! And me drove it back to the house and start screaming for hubb like a mad women..

After hubb gave me the solution..with a so-dumb feeling I drove back again to office and park my car at the same location. On the way, my W810i rang but I did not managed to accept the call..I am sure its princess neshimaru who called me and wanted to scold me for locking all of them outside the office. Die! So without thinking of anything, I just rushed down from the car and walk off heading office.

Search search search, Shit! where the hell is my W810i. My head went from blank to start working..shit! my phone! where are you? * Was already half way reaching office* I decided to head back to the car. The first thing I saw at the left hand side of the car which facing me is the cover of my W810i.

OMG! Cover only! where is my phone?????? ^#%$*^$@!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I went round the car and phew! my lovely 810i was "parking" next to avanza tanning together... Phewwwww!!! Found! But its clocking at 9.45am..Shit!

I walked heading to office again, nearly reached and I went from Shit to Fuck!


How can this happening to me...as i walked back again toward the car, i tried to locked from the far distance. Tiut! ........ Tiut! *yeah mine sound like that* Tiut!...... Shit! how come cannot lock one??? Only when I reached right infront of my car, then only I realised that all the while I been pressing the unlocked button instead of lock...KNNCCB!

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And my days start at 10.02 am in the office with all my colleagues waiting for me at the kopitiam behind the office while a noob experiencing her first time driving of Avanza and nearly broke the key.....before that, Its a hell of the day!!!


yipguseng said...

why din u go and pass the key to ur coll first before u go back ur car for w810i since u already so near to office?

lesson of the day - don't wake up late! :P

aceone said...

Aiyo! relax!!! Dun so 'kan cheong'. Tomolo everything will be normal back. kekeke

FL Sam said...

What an eventful day with you new car.! Stay calm. Since u have already reached office, why no call office colleagues to help. :)

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i always saw you still online 4am....
no waonder you late lar.....
and luckily is avanza
if tri point star how you lagi die lor all computerize

NIHAL said...

This is so funny ... ha ha ha :))

But trust me, you're actually very lucky ???? Why?, because not everyone can afford an Avanza, that's why ... he he he.

Anyway, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and It's always for the better!

Huei said...


wah! such a hectic day!! wut time does ur work officially start?

dun worry dun worry..u'll have a good 180707!! =D i got an award for u! =D

babyfiona said...

[yipguseng] car not yet lock how to go off like that?? cannot take out the key and lock the car...manual lock also cannot..

[ace1] better today.. hehehe, but kulu kulu early in the morning

[flsam] I, I no credit inside phone to call -____-"

[pisang] where got? Pc on only, I zzz! there point turn? easy woh for avanza!!

[nihal] hie! *wave my hand* Dont be so bad lar, 1st time here already laughing at me..*sobsob*. Lucky? No ler, the nightmare begin next month when the instalment due -___-"

[huei]start work at 9.00am..-___-"
aiks! award?? Not meme or tag hor??? i go check it out..

MonkeyWong said...

Never mind! Do you see d ad on tV about d Toyota Vioss, I will say d something when u sit into ur new avanza.......... 'u're so lucky'

Haha :P Take it easy, have a nice day!

jam said...

Just treat it as another unlucky day! And feel grateful at the end that you didn't break your car key and also didn't lost your mobile. Cheer up, mate!

Neo said...

Haha, what a day you have had! But I wonder how come you couldn't take out your car key that time?

Ichitaka Leingod said...

haha, like that also can? but sometimes like that la... be calm next time XD

Princess Neshimaru said...

HAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAOHOhHAHAHA!!!! Oh man what a day for you while I enjoying my cup of tea at Kopitiam. Yumm yummmm... Hehehehe!!! Haiyoh so funny just to imagine u running up and down!

babyfiona said...

aiks! i thought i already post the 2nd round of replied -______-"

nebermine here goes again

[monkeywong] where go lucky ler..nightmare starts next month!

[jam]very unlucky indeed..*sobsob*

[neo] me noob noob ler, never realise that the car is different with own country car. need to press down only can pull out the key.

[ichitaka]-______-". I got a nick name called "ms. lun jun..

[nesh] terrible *slap nesh hard on the butt* so bad of you, laugh at me.

Rabbit said...

*hugs* Poor you.

Meng Tin Wui Kang hou!!

yung . said...

lolz what a day for you... nx time have more "practival" lesson with your new car wo.. hahaa

38kia said...

next time hor, just test drive a day before you want to officially drive it haha..
same concept happen to the relationship. "test-drive" first before you.. err.. get married hahahahahahahahaa...