Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am sure and bet with my peekaboo short little flower tail that all those bad luck bug had been sticking up with me since 2 days ago!

Since the 170707, I have been having bad bad days.

yesterday night alone, I had missed 4 opportunity in mere 1 hour time. The time was when I am off to test the new 32 inch television, 2nd time was when I am off to take a quick bath after I missed the 1st opppurtunity with my head heading downward and my mouth direction was facing down. 3rd time was when I was on msn with Princess Neshimaru and the last one was after I came back from my supper..reached home, straight i headed to my laptop and, what I saw was only grey!

I am sure, those bad luck bugs were around as every single time, I walked away from my laptop or was doing some work, PPP will released a new opportunity. For sure right now, while I am tying this entry, PPP will auto-sensed that I am not checking with them and release a new opportunity and within a few second, its will change to their most famous colour. GREY!

This morning I purposely wake up at 7 to check if got any new Opportunity to do or not. GUESS WHAT! I saw one and ITS GREY AGAIN!

I hate GREY! I hate GREY! I hate GREY!


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wah seh u memang Grey ler... GREY stands for Got Ruined, End Yourself!


38kia said...

wahh sorry to hear that.. ang kong poh pi you.. wish you see more green after today !! :)

Rabbit said...

Wah, I've never tried staying up to grab opps leh. Everytime I go also grey colour mia. -_-

Ichitaka Leingod said...

grey is ghey... XD

Huei said...

argh!!!! me too!!!!!!

have u ever encountered that u edi clicked on 'Take Opportunity', u get redirected to the page where u can submit ur stuff..u the link..submit..and it says...

"All of the available posts for that opportunity have already been taken."

on ur opportunity list page????

ERGHHH!!!!!! i swear i think i lost about at least 50usd lidat! >.<

yipguseng said...

and i was thinking apa grey grey grey...rupa rupa is i right? is PPP right?

babyfiona said...

yalor, the PPP ler, all grey grey grey.

huei - never before like that. That is so weird!

hate grey grey grey! it is really gay ler like that !

*sob sob*

lehbit got so many carrots already no need to wait for opp ler..BLEK!

jam said...

The competition to grab the opportunities in PPP is so intend ah? Unfortunately, I am still one month away from being eligible to take up any opportunity. After one month, you got another competitor in the form of me, haha!