Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Am Seeing Green All Over..

Sometimes, I am bloody want to keep my anger inside when some people never uses their brain to talk. They even pointing finger at other peoples when they did not even know the truth.

They think they are always right. I appreciated that they have the good intention to voice out their ideas or suggestion but then again, have they ever analyze the situation first before they poured out the suggestion?

An idea or suggestion which is not back up with any analyze report or even a short list of pros and cons is really a NOT GOOD IDEA! So just keep it to yourself.

Point two! Never ever point finger at other people when you do not know the truth. Bloody hell! They never know what is the consequences when their little useless fingers got nothing good to do and starts pointing up and down. Shit!

Forget about it...I shall look at more greeny stuff to flush my anger down the loo...gggrrrrr!

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Green Green to cool down..

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Also green, I need green..ggrrr.

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Still need a little more green...

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More! More! More!

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Ops! But still consist of green colour.

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A hamster in a green cage!
*sob, thats remind me of my hammie and minnie sob*

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My lovely green kuma kuma clothing for my green car.

Fuuh! That's feel GREAT! Green is GOOD! Far more better than GREY! BLEH!


Jacelyn Chew said...

wow...nice GREEN pictures...

CutiePrincessMummy said...

green is good for our eyes tooooo... :-)

CRIZ LAI said...

Green is definitely the best color for the eyes. It sure cools down anyone's temper. Haha...finally I see a girl who likes green instead of pink. Can you tell me why girls like pink so much? Is it for feminine sake?

yipguseng said...

ahhhh~~ my eyes felt refreshed~~~

tot i m in the tropical forest somemore :P

hmm, reminds me of the 7-11's tropic flavour slurpee and also the green color ice-cream, forgot wat the name already, outside green inside milk :D

Huei said...

i'm still seeing grey *CRYYY*

i like ur kuma kuma car things! so cute!! u got the entire set?

babyfiona said...

[jacelyn] yeah i loves green ^^

[cutieprincessmummy] then I shall be placing more of greeny pictures here ;p until you vomit ;p

[criz lai] eh. GOOD Question..but i dont know how to answer should be asking people like pinksterz or whoever that loves pink. Me greeny people ;p

[yipguseng] yum yum! I do not know that name of the ice cream, but I just had it yesterday while posting the entry because its also green in colour ^^. No lar, where got tropical forest..that's in an aquarium ;p

[huei] me too, but when i go back to my own page, i seeing green ^^.
Dont have entire set ler, Now searching for the rest of it. All places sold out -____-"

Rabbit said...

i thought u say green in ppp. make me happy nia! Keke!

MonkeyWong said...

Wow, very green neh! Cool,now I can forget all d 'pain' too, but.. OMG I c my boss wears green also, luckily not green cap, wakakaka.... :P

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

WAAAA so GREEN! I like the aquarium! Soooo greeeeen...hehehe!

Waaaa can I guess who point point finger???

Ichitaka Leingod said...

cool down... go drink green tea! XD