Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grey Bugs Strike Again..

I just could'nt understand how many postie actually sit in front of their laptop or desktop and keep on pressing the refresh button continuously.

I am wondering do they actually invented some bot for them to refresh and automatically grab the opportunities when PayPerPost released a new opportunity??

If not, can anyone explain how can I missed a few opportunities in less than 10 seconds? ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! I am looking at $$$ flying passes me!!!

Haih...guess I am still infected with the Grey Bug..sigh..hit the sack better..


Huei said...

i refresh alot!! but...i face the same problem as u la..for a short while i dun refresh..then when i do..i c new grey opp! haihhhh

Rabbit said...

aihhh. I fed up already looking at the PPP opps.

iCalvyn said...

i just start PPP, not actually know much, but i saw grey opp too...

actually how to reserve the opp? some opp turn grey,but sudently turn white back adter a days

babyfiona said...

[huei] same ler..all GREY!!

[lehbit] hehe fed up liaw, then no need to do lot ;p. give me more chances ;p

[icalvyn] u must grab before they turned grey colour. You seeing white back is because someone who grabbed it couldnt finished the post within 6 hours time. So after u grab, u must finished ur entry in less than 6 hours.