Friday, July 20, 2007


This auntie is so happy right now!! happy happy happy! Tenkiu Tenkiu Tenkiu!

Double happiness with double joyness when two lovely girl ladies girl..leng luis give me this award!

Why i received this award ? I am also not so sure.. I do not have weird habit like keeping rocks inside my house, I do not like to listen to rock song neither play a single rock song.

I can only rock the old rocking chair in my house. Maybe that is why..I was awarded with the Rockin' Girl Blogger.

I should pass this rock rock award to those who deserve it! Now that was a little bit tough!

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the winners *red carpet rolling out* *drum rolling*

" Tang tang tang tang"

The first goes to

1. Janicepa - New mommy that has a bouncing boob in her blog -____-". You say rockin or not?

"Tang Tang Tang Tang"

The second one goes to

2. Spookygrace - A spooky rockin girl!

and the 3rd goes to

3. Apam balik - a "kueh" that can rock blog -_____-"

Last but not least, this shall belongs to

4. Colleen - she can rock from singapore all the way to wuxi!


Rabbit said...

Haha! Apam Balik!? A kueh that rocks? Kekekeke!

A rocking kueh award!!

Huei said...



janicepa said...

ha ?? Wat i need to do next ??

owh yeah .. say tenkiu .. and tenkiu ...

and then ??

*blurr face ****

iCalvyn said...

got ant rockin' guy blogger award??

spookygrace said...

speech for the award: look like Oscar....>

"i wanna tank my fans out there! tank parents and my all of u tat gave this opportunity for me to stand on here... and tank babyfiona givin this award to me.tank qiu, tank qiu.." i'll promise to make it more rockER.."

do jie, do jie..*(clap your hands...)


babyfiona said...

[lehbit] yeah rocking kueh! dint award one to you as i saw u already got one ;p

[heui] thank you so much for the award *huggiez*

[janicepa] No need to say tenkiu, just accept it! You deserve it! and if you want, you can award to other blogger girl who rock!

[icalvyn] yeah! i think i saw before last time, Dint see much nowadays.. dont know what happen!

[spookygrace] hehe, no need to post here, you can have a grand ceremony in your blog ;p