Thursday, July 19, 2007


Sometimes people are just pathetic dumb a88. How would you react if someone whom you see them more than your own parent / sister / brother / auntie / uncle or your friend give you some funny funny answer when you are expecting a serious answer on some urgent matter?

Why some people couldn't just give the answer " I don't know" instead of giving me some dumba88 answer which I can easily checked out the truth behind with just a click of my finger, if they are not sure of something.


It this a hard words to be said? Or the words can bite? I am not sure.Maybe for some people, the 3 or 4 little words seem to have teeth and bite the egoism in them.

Most of the time, you will tend to get answer which is so out of the mind. Frankly speaking, I rather you give me a I DO NOT KNOW rather than bla me a 10 minutes answer which is useless.

Come, let me teach you. This should be very easy.





Easy right? Alright, please read it once again and keep it into your peanut brain! It would be useful for you when someone ask you a question which you do not have the answer to it.!

Please! No dumb A88 answers anymore! Ever again!


Huei said...

i duno!!!!


cos they wana act smart..mana tau turn up to be an a88 aye *smacks forehead*

yung . said...

maybe they just wana be funny kua lolz.

btw, add me at in msn. hehe

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I DON'T KNOW! YOU DON'T KNOW! WE DON'T KNOW! THEY DON'T KNOW! Weeee!!! Baik kelas, ulang lagi perkataan Cikgu Fiona ajar!

I - DO - NOT - KNOW!


janicepa said...

hahaha... who make u so angry jek ..

babyfiona said...

[Huei] yalor! some people really dumb a88 ler. I DONT KNOW also , he dont know how to use!

[yung] so dumb dumb one! people ask seriously, they go smart a88 and give stupid answers

[Nesh] lols! I ALSO DONT KNOW ler!

[Janicepa] I DONT KNOW ;p

Rabbit said...

Me: I dont know! Teacher no teach!

Mummy: But babyfiona got teach!

Me: Er.. I DONT KNOW!! Babyfiona teach one!

jam said...

Yes. Totally agree. Sometimes people are afraid to say "I dun know". Instead, they still go lengthy with all misleading information.

babyfiona said...

[lehbit] -_____-"

[jam] yah, most malaysian having that kind of attitute, tend to bluff all the way to the the moon..