Friday, July 6, 2007

So Freaking Busy!

I am so freaking busy these days I can just die of work.

Could someone lend me your hands / fingers / tentacles / paws . I need some right now. I really mean NOW!! argh! I need to take a break. Foods to my rescue! Yeah!

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yum yum!

How I hate that I have to work. So envy when one of my friend told me that she is now in Kuwait (of course not envy that she have to go and work over there) and she said all the women . I mean ALL, do not need to work like a dog like us, that is why they, the women over in Kuwait are all big sizes.

Funny thing when my friend told me Kuwait now actually is a booming country and the things there are so freaking expensive. A BATA RM 3.99 slipper selling there at RM 20.00. 1 Hour of internet usage is equivalent to RM 10.00. and the worst..her phone bill of 1 week already RM 1,200.00.

Its always been in my mind that that Kuwait is a country whereby you can see the bullet flying around, tanks, military and rumbles of building everywhere..

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This has been always in my mind. Kuwait = war = people die=not a place to go

Alright maybe I never update my self. Its my fault but I am really surprised that Kuwait can transformed to such a beautiful city in such a short time.

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A new shopping centre in Kuwait. So big and my friend said, its even bigger than Sunway Pyramid! Located just beside a Marine Park...

So..anyone want to join me for a shopping spree there? when i have enough money??


Colleen said...

I think I rather shop somewhere else.... :-p

Jacelyn Chew said...

hi, i tag u oredi. go and see ya...

FL Sam said...

Middle East is a booming with so many shopping centres, golf courses, entertainment places. :)

carey said...

wow such expensive Bata slippers! It's better to go shopping anywhere in Asia. ;) I think Dubai is fast becoming a tourist destination in the Middle East too.

btw, thanks for dropping by my tidbits.

Huei said...

wattt? the things there r so expensivee?? how much do ppl earn there? =D

i wana goo!! i wana go shopping!! hhehe

Rabbit said...

I wanna go shopping!!! Spare me money!

Anonymous said...

Upon reading this post, I feel like I wanna book a flight ticket to Dubai. ....must resist......must resist......:(