Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Not So Leng Chai Leng Lui Photos

Alright! As I promised, please roll in the red carpet for my the rest of my wedding photos...


Please prepare YOUR OWN BIG plastic bag in case you will need to puke!

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A fake japanese girl with a not so korean look guy ^^

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Snow white world

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Still want somemore? I lazy to edit and add in the copyright or reserved thingy. Anyone can help me to do it ar?? No need to add in?

CANNOT LAR! What if some people suddenly come and curi my photos and claimed that is taken by them! If they want, then come and pay me lar! Copyright fees!

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Money money come!


yipguseng said...

fuiyeh~ got copyright "chop" there already :P

kawaii des neh~~~~

Cedric said...

PUKE what lar! It's a beautiful remembrance okay?! SUI! Cantik! Molek!

aLExpikachU said...

What puke... =-=
These are really nice and sweet photos!! Manyak cantik!!! XD

AceOne118 said...

Nice pictures. The 1st pic they forgot abt the samurai sword ar? Tarak geh?

Anston said...

Nice ar! who said not beutiful?!

But, want money money somemore...
(Cannot Copy liao)

TingTitLei said...

the guy really looks like a japanese in the first photo haha macam yakuza. and its a compliment

Huei said...

so niceee!!!

i like the japanese one! very nice!!! :D

babyfiona said...

[yipguseng] of course must put. Shall put whenever i post my own face. Its my face what, of course under my copyright lor ;p

[cedric & alexpikachu] hehe, pretty until puke mah LOLS! joking joking. Sorry for this no shy face lady ;p

[ace1] tarak lar, they lend to Hiro for the Heroes series lar, never give back -____-".

[anston] nobody said not beautiful..just that I think its too beautiful that some of you might need to puke ;p.LOLS. HEH! CANNOT COPY ar! MUST PAY!

[tingtitlei]yakuza..then i rather he look like korean lor hehehe

[huei] TQ TQ very muchie.

J@n!ce said...

The last one very mesmerizing... Good Shot :)

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Waaaaaaaaa so pretty!!! Gorgeous! Hehehaha!! Good way of getting money ya! Hehehehe!

Rabbit said...

in that first pic u look like "siu loi yan" like that mia! Keke! Cute!

FL Sam said...

Those pictures are really chun. The Korean got Karate 10dan Blackbelt! :)