Sunday, August 5, 2007

Another Few More Hours Back 2 Work Again..

If let say, you can turn the time back once. When would that be and why?

Most of the people will give you the answer like this "I would like to go back to this year, that year, when I am.." and so forth but I would not turn back the time if I have the chance to.

Alright, maybe just change the time back to Friday so I can have my beauty sleep for another 2 days .

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I still missed the time when I was in high school when I can just go to school, laugh my heart out with my best buddy, Grace, played tricked on some guys and even went for our weekly trip to Sg Wang with just a small amount of money but if you asked need me to choose, I will still choose not to turn back the time.

Just imagine if I go back to this particular time, let say, 13 years back, that is when I was just 15 years old. I change the history, study hard (which i did not of course) enrolled into some university, go oversea and come back with a degree or master. I might have a better paid job now, with a very good career. Is that good? Maybe you will say YES but I would definitely 100% give you a BIG NO.

I might not be having this job *OK, maybe the pay a bit low but hey well, I like love my job minus those pesky asshole around* and most important,
there is no way I am going to miss the chance to meet the man of my life for the first time. If I were to go to University, I won't even have the chance of meeting him at all.Right?

There is nothing perfect in this world. You can either choose YES or NO. Even if you have other choice than these 2, you will still loses something at the end. Many people actually complained that The Grass Are Greener On The Other Side but the reality isn't always be the way they think. It might be better or its might be even worst.

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Alright, now i need to get to my point. Knowing that my hubby is so kay poh, he sure will come and read my blog not everyday, but once in a blue moon. So here, the below entry is especially for him to read..

As I was taking my long sweet bath only I recalled that I actually missed the date we had our ROM and that was exactly 30 days late..Yikes!

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Happy 1st Anniversary Dear..a belated one..Hokomo right?

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Nick Phillips, MY said...

That is a good question. I would have said that maybe I'd like to go back to my teens, but now I'm not so sure. I'm happy with what I am now (could be better but who's complaining) so I guess I'd rather not go back in time, maybe to the future, now that would be cool. Thanx for dropping by my blog ...

Huei said...

wahh..if i could turn back time..i i can treat my pets better last time! heheheh and loads more things i would've done!!

but true..nothing's perfect..u gain some..u loose some..i just wana go back and "un-loose" some!

Rabbit said...

Wah u forgot bout it, and ur hubby also didnt remind u bout that eh? Or he sendiri also lupa liao? Keke!

Happy belated 1st anniversary to both of u yeah!

Jacelyn Chew said...

i won't want to go back to my teenage life as it was damn bored....everyday was study and homework day...I was very very hardworking last time....another word "bookworm"!!

anyway, happy belated 1st anniversary to u and hubby!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hahaha!! I remember ur hubby telling me "Guess what? Me and Fiona forgotten our first anniversary... FEW DAYS LATER ONLY REMEMBER"

I went like "SWEAT".

Happy belated Anniversary yo!

Hahhaa! Work where you enjoy mah! Hehehe! So if u enjoy working here then good lah! (Exlucing idiotics). Hahahaha!

jam said...

Always be happy wt the choice you made.
'hokomo' - which dialect it is? Is it cantonese?

babyfiona said...

[nick philip] well, i wouldnt want to go to the future as well, very scary if it is not what i want..maybe in the future i might not be this healthy? who know? better stay put here and well, live my normal life ^^

[huei]wah! now you are treating your baby like a king already woh!! still can be better? Can i be your pet :p

[rabbit] he also lupa only to recall 3 or 4 days later..but still better than me hehehe, 1 month later. Thanks!

[jacelyn] well, bookworm but you get whats you always wanted right? Nothing to lose ^^. tenkiu tenkiu manyak manyak

[nesh] kekeke, i only recall he told me that yesterday..totally not inside my mind ;p.
yeah like it my job minus those idiotic ass, if not, i wouldnt stay for that long ler..

[jam]of course happy! thanks!
Hokomo, hehe my own language! ;p

hoe koh mou, in cantonese then direct translate become hokomo kekeke. Dont pick it up, No good ;p

Josephine said...

I once forgot my hubby's birthday and he's angry with it for bout a month..haha... tends to forget when u get busy.

If I have the chance to go back to future, I guess I'll make the same choice. Afterall, only imperfect life is LIFE!

Like your blog, can I link you?

babyfiona said...

[josephine] aiks, did he remember himself? yah..i can really forgot what i ate this morning..i think i got "lou yan chi ngoi" disease lol

hey, of course! I am glad to link you back as well! thanks for visiting.