Monday, August 6, 2007

2 Or Not 2?

I am still 50 % 50 % whether want to buy my own domain or not. A week ago, I almost bought my own domain, but luckily I did not. Ever since with their new changes, I guess it is not so worth it. Don't even know if I can ever get back the money for the hosting and the domain rental.

As I been sitting here refreshing for the past 3 hours, I actually saw a lot of new opportunities released by them. But only one that I am eligible for but well, its always in the colour that I hate most. GREY! And worst ever, I can't even open it up to peek in the description. What I get is this "That opportunity was not approved or did not exist", a very agitative phrase whenever I tried to open it.

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So? What is your opinion? They even changed the time to release the opportunities from our day time to their side of the world time. I had tried to stay awake and just managed to grabbed a 5 bucks opportunity. How pathetic that is and very next day, I looked more like a tare panda and of course I am not referring to the cuteness of it.

Some of the blogger actually advised me to be fast and get myself my own domain last time before this new system was introduce. To tell you the truth, I am actually glad that I did not follow that they asked me to but half of me wanted to get myself my own domain. So how?

I have not even think of the theme or topic to write on my new domain and I am a total noob *that is one of the reason not to get my own domain* in html and all these script thingy. Not only that, I will need to waste a certain of amount of time to re-establish the new blog and really, what if all these effort I put in, did not bring anything back to me. Sigh..dilemma dilemma dilemma!

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Any suggestion or advise??


Jigs said...

Hi BabyFiona! Thank You for visiting my Blog. I hope you keep coming back! :)

I also want to get my own domain name. But it is expensive here in the Philippines so I'm still thinking. Goodluck with your decision!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

no need mah god free you dun wan?

if you dunwan blogger you can xanga, wordpress, blogdrive
so many lor

FL Sam said...

Me too wanted to set up my own domain but still procrastinating till today.

I think it is still better to have your own domain as you get better OPP as many exclude Blogspot. My 2 sen. :)

Huei said...

do a blog for peekabo! hehehe

i've been refreshing and getting nothing as well..sux! but having own domain means more opportunities..since most of those opps only allows own domain

then again u have to wait..for it to get established..links..n PR!

babyfiona said...

[jigs] thanks for dropping by as well. Well be back No worry. Here the pricing not so low as well. Still thinking..sigh

[pisang] its not the same..

[flsam] at 1st i was thinking i can earned back with all the PPP, but since they start to enable the selection of country choice for the advertiser, the opp seem to be much more lesser..even worst than after the 6 hours nightmare..

[huei] Now not only exclude free domain, exclude contingent as well.. *sob sob*

eugene said...

hi baby fiona! :D

thanks for visiting my site.

about your post.. well, wordpress actually got a function to transfer your blog archive over. this could save a lot time though.. unless you wanna start blogging from "zero" all over again. :) the only thing which need time is to transfer all the sidebar codes, the chats, technorati and yada yada stuffs..

hmm.. well, you have a good day yeah? got to work now.. takecare yo! :D


Tiuniasing said...

Payperpost advertisers are getting very stingy nowadays.

babyfiona said...

[eugene] hi! thanks for dropping by as well. Yah, thinking to start a new life. New beginning ^^. But still under consideration. thanks for your information. appreciate it.

wow! you are so lucky! 10.10am still at home hehehe!

[tiuniasing] are freaking stingy!!! I dont think we can "wan sek" with PPP anymore.

Rabbit said...

u don see me writing PPP lately. i didnt even have the chance to look at the grey opps. it's always red in colour.

Then again, a lot of people are getting their own domains, so getting ur own domain doesnt assure that u'll get more opps, cos a lot of them too have their own domain already.

babyfiona said...

[rabbit] that is true as well, that is why i am reluctant to get mine..*Sob Sob* How about, rabbit sponsor me free carrot and i can sell at my own domain if i get one? Good idea or not?

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

heya .. same same lor.. no PPP for me too.. haiz.. we PR0 people is like that lor.. what to do??

I also thought of getting my own domain, but the thought of writing all those html or javascript etc puts me off... and need money somemore! Not as if I pay and they design for me! LOL

conan_cat said...

hey chill girl chill! dun worry so much bout the html and scripting and stuff, you will get adapted to it real fast! i mean it! :D i got my own domain 3 months ago and i'm really happy with it because it offered much more capabities with the blogging platform Wordpress.

Exabytes, a local hosting company is offering lotsa cool offers and hosting packages, go check them out ok? and usually blogs will use the blogging platform Wordpress, you can check it out at the website too, it's pretty user friendly and alot of people use it! :D even or use it haha... it's easy to use, trust me! :D anything you can ask me also, been through it haha...

babyfiona said...

[kev-walkabout] reminds me again..html html html..-____-"

[conan_cat] hie! thanks a lot for telling. I also thinking to use the wordpress but hosting would be another company as the company own by someone i known, so for maintenance and servicing, i think its would be more convenient to get from someone we know. Alright, should if I decided to have my own domain, I will sure come and disturb you! ;p

yipguseng said...

is always better to have ur own domain. lots of control and freedom. Not restriction at all and u can put watever plugins u wan inside.

if u stick to blogspot, i know it wouldn't close down for sure, but what if there's something that u wanna show in ur blog but blogger doesn't support it? what if some suddenly there's some "guai lan" but kick ass money making site coming in but doesn't allow free blog hosting?

also what is u suddenly feels like wanna do something extra beside blogging after a few years which involve website also, anytime u can use bak ur this own domain hosting.

still got a lot advantage wan ar and most importantly - "yeng" loh :P

so think about it ;)

Che-Cheh said...

Hey my advice...get a new domain. Don't worry about html and stuff. If you can make a nice sidebar in blogspot, why not in your new domain.

If you want a good web hosting I can introduce you one.

historypsi said...

Well, owning your own domain is awesome. It's yours, there is no better feeling than that.

I do feel your pain as to getting your blogs back on track. One thing you can do is see if you can do a backup with blogspot. I know if you put wordpress on your own domain it will allow you to import older blogs from your old site.

And to build back up i'd link your site to the new one as well as double post all of your blogs so you still have people moving from site to the other over time. But in the end, I think owning your own domain would be great for you.

Hope I helped!

Sweetpea said...

bear in mind wordpress does not allow PPP postings, i think. but the bottom line is, if u are seriously into paid postings, get your own domain. it may cost around $5-10 per month, or less, and you'll get those money back anyway.

good luck yeah?? :)

MonkeyWong said...

Shall get own domain, just the hassle to setup it, ask someone to do for you, so u can shake leg, :P

jam said...

I believe you should buy your own domain. It costs less than 100 to do that. With own domain, you can customize your own blog site according to your preference. It's not that difficult to edit the html text.

jianbing said...

WHOA, lots of support there! First time here, nice to meet you :)

So, made up your decision yet? get one get one :P