Monday, August 13, 2007

Chicken & Duck Talk

Me: Quack...Quack...Quack.. [speaking in rojak mandarin, cantonese + english]

Client: Cluck...Cluck..Cluck [speaking in mandarin, quite deep in meaning, GULP!]

Me: Quack... Quack.... Quack...

Client: Ok, thanks

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And that ends my phone conversation with one of my client. Straight away, I proceed to send him a message in msn. Yes, don't envy me, I can msn all I wants in my office freely without have to hide here and there but I tell you, do not ever inform your boss about the usefulness of this instant messaging thing. You will regret for the rest of your working life. So now you know why some of you all can actually see me online when you are just back from your Friday or Saturday drinking session and was half drunk? Don't ask...

So I msn him and he msned me back with some chinese wordings which 80% of it I do not know how to I asked my colleague to translate for me.. and the client keep on messaging me with lots and lots of chinese words again.. until I replied him in MSN

Me: Sorry ya, I do not know how to read chinese..

Client: what? You can speak chinese but you cannot read?

Me: Yeah, so sorry, I only know how to speak a little bit of chinese [which suppose to mean mandarin] and normally I spoke in Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Client: I see. I understand that.

I tell you. At that particular time, I really wanted to throw my ugly dump my face into the rubbish bin right beside my legs straight away. You know why?


Its like duck and chicken talks when I am on the phone with the client

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The client is actually a Korean. YES A PURE KOREAN and he speaks better mandarin than me!

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Tell me lar, how to face the world..


Johnny Ong said...

hello, no need to hide face. i didn't attend a chinese medium school so how do u expect me to speak mandarin that well.

maybe that korean fella was exposed to mandarin day in day out or went for classes.

Huei said...

wah!! korean and can speak perfect mandrin! keng!!!

Apple said...

it's never to late to learn.
If you really want, you can too ^^

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

sing kareoke mandrin song with pin yin lor... that the way my mom learn ..
he he he he he
not learn la.

babyfiona said...

[Johnny Ong] Me also never attend any chinese medium school and I get to know that the client study a little bit only but the way he speak I can tell you is much more better..

[huei] shy ler me..

[apple] i think its a bit late to learn -____-" Now old already, yesterday what I had for dinner, I also cannot to remember so many words of the chinese character -_____-"

Cometh said...

Hohoho, yours truly also are not well versed in Chinese.... =p

Shionge said...

Hiya thank you for visiting my blog, truly appreciate it :D

I like your blog name too, very cool!

Don't feel bad, it happens all the way especially when I visit malay not boleh kekeke...

Ichitaka Leingod said...

take mandarin classes! but that would be time consuming... wat to do, susah dahulu senang kemudian! XD

38kia said...

ya totally have the same experience like yours. I was dealing with Thai clients and it was toally chicken-duck conversation.

They don't seem to understand my "sampat" language... :(
but business dealed.

Rabbit said...

WAHH!! korean! Sure very lengjai mia! Intro intro! =P

Come lah i give u tuition for mandarin, leng mou? kakaka!

babyfiona said...

[cometh] *High Five* hehehe, same here..and I spoke in a direct translate cantonese to mandarin kekeke

[shionge] Thank you thank you (^^)/
kekeke, you not malay, bahasa no boleh its ok. Me chinese, chinese not ok, people look at me one kind hehehe

[ichitaka]I so old already..cannot masuk otak already ler..buat susah sahaja, nanti cikgu pun sakit kepala :D

[38kia] hehehe, luckily got someone also same situation with me before hehehe. Good job! still can sealed the job!

[rabbit] wah! lehbit so good! but I no carrot to pay you with apples can or not?

jam said...

Sigh~sigh~sigh~ I can only do this!