Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

No, I am not talking about the sun anymore, this is more hot than the sun. What it is? It Hot-Screensaver.com!

My first time with Hot-Screensaver.com is when I was blog hopping. The first glance , "huh, why his google adsense got the leng lui's photos at the side one?" Mine do not have one? Then only I realised that me the dumb one, can actually place any picture or photo at the side which I still do not know how. Must ask Neo how he did that!

Today, I happened to read Huei blog and she invited me to go and fight with her for the free tickets! Yes , Neo from Hot-Screensaver.com is giving free tickets to the Royal London Circus and USD 10. So happening right?

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Updated: I must say a BIG THANK YOU to NEO for the USD 10! Yes! I am 34 ringgit richer! WOHOO! Faster go and do a review for him! Still have the chance to win the Royal London Circues Tickets!


Nessa said...

Hi Babyfiona! SilverHorse Gunny Sack? Wow, must have an interesting story behind the name:)

Thanks for dropping by my site. Hope to see you around often. Have a nice day:)

Simple American said...


I think we visit a few blogs mutually. Such as Huei and Hot-Screensaver.com. haha

Yep Neo has some nice leng luis on his site. Hope you and Huei are victorius in your fight for circus tickets. Best of luck! :)

Huei said...

yay!! hope we both win a tix each! =P hehehhee

Junelle said...

Its just easy to put a pic on the side of google adsense .. or in the top or bottom of it ... just choose a picture if a specific size to match the adsense, then put it in the side ... CSS float:left and the float: right the adsense code :) then you have your pic :)
I have seen it before ... but I have forgotten the website that teaches it ... anyway better let your friend teach you .. he he he ... mine might not work :D

NIHAL said...

Hi Baby Fiona,

I've been missing from the usual blogging stuff for almost a month now and I'm glad to be back as I'm able to visit your site, great work here!

Yup, Junelle did explain it quite right about pasting a picture alongside your AdSense ads. It's not that difficult.

I really hope you get those tickets from Neo :)

Bengbeng said...

ah u did a review for neo too :)