Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Enough is Enough

Did you ever encounter friends that will only call or message you when they needs something from you? A favour maybe?

I had this so-called friend whom I had known for more than 2 decades. She had always been the rival for me since we are still in primary school.

From the way we dressed to get the new friend to become our best friend, we had our competition on almost everything.

During that time, I was too small with a narrow mind and these explained why I compete with her, but as I grew older and wiser of course, I had this feeling of tired and well, no interest on having such competition anymore. Why wasting time to compete with other people which did not even bring any benefits?

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On the other hands, after almost 5 years we never see each other, she came back and still with her previous behaviour, competitive mode. Its not as direct as last time when we are still kids, but you can actually sense her meaning behind all her words.

Wolf behind bushes!

She can actually talk to you and then suddenly attacked you with some words that cut through your heart but I still keep on giving her my priceless smile and friendship.

Most of the time, I am the one who actually take the initiative to contact her but she never even give it a damn and I am now getting fed-up with all the nonsense.


I been having this disturbing dream that keep making me awake since I meet her few years back and I tell you,is ain't a good day to start off with such dream running in your mind every fortnight.

I made a promised to myself, If she ever treat me like that again, just once, I will straight away F*ck her way up to the sky together with her mom, dad, in law, yee ma ku cheh, and the list goes on. Please pardon me for my languages.


MonkeyWong said...

Weiho, yee ma ku cheh also kena....
So hot ar, sorry sorry, I come next time! :P
Forget to mention, u're good gal! Very good 1! :P

Rabbit said...

I have the exact same situation as you. I knew this friend for 7 years already, and she did the same thing to me. I got so angry i fucked her ass up and told her not to find me anymore. damn pissed. then later on she start to ok ok with me already. no angry she thought we "peng mao".

Ichitaka Leingod said...

sometimes ppl is like that one... we cant do anything but tuut them back and hope they will wake up and change... else better dont friend with them!

Johnny Ong said...

wolf behind bushes?????
i thot it was wolf beneath sheep'skin

CutiePrincessMummy said...

aiyoh, susah lar to have such friend...i really no time & effort to entertain this type of fren! Lucky, i dun have such fren so far (touch wood)!!

jam said...

Just fuck her away! Dun give her second chance! We must know how to protect ourselves, then other people won't dare to take advantage on us.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Yah man! These kinda people need to be fucked off so they know! If not they keep stepping like they are King of all Bitches!

FL Sam said...

Many such types of friends lor. When need help only appear! In your case, you should just tell her off that you have no time for her. :)

babyfiona said...

[monkeywong] hot very hot! why you go so fast? I no scold monkey woh! :D

[rabbit]ai..if i got heart to fuk her, today you wont be sitting here reading my this post ler.. But! from now on, she will need to beware! Roar! hehehe

[ichitaka]Agreed agreed, but i so stupid, friend for so long already

[johnny ong] Eh! really ar? sorry ler hehehe, I so frustrated with the post and the lost of USD 50 for 4 times in PPP until cannot think hehehe ;p

[cutieprincessmummy]you so lucky! I think 30% of friends i known are like that, but not that so koh fan.

[jam]Still learning to protect myself. Need to equipped myself with ammo first hehe

[nesh] hehehe, yalor luckily you dont have such friends ;p

[flsam] Will do next time. No soft heart anymore!

Shionge said...

Right .... strike her off your list of fren, lots of such pple around lor.

CRIZ LAI said...

Do you think a friend like this is worth your time and effort? Come on, 20 years and you still did not wake up until now? What for you must the one who always take the initiative to contact her? Is she really that HOT that you need to do so?

Competition is healthy. It makes you grow more mature in the process but there are rules. Rules in the sense that it has to be a fair play. What for holding on when you get hurt most of the time? Patience is one thing but to have that for 20 years is a bit too much.

Do you think you should still hold on to this type of friendship for the sake of a "good" friend? Just let it slowly slip away without ever looking back.

Stay strong always!

Huei said...

ugh! i have few of those friends..ok lar maybe onli like one now..those when we were kids r forgiven..hey we were kids..but this friend of mine now..she continously say things to hurt people's feelings..mine at least

like "your bf's a gambler", "y ur bf like that wann?!"
which is y i wrote a post it's ok for me to scold my bf n not for others to! ;P

Bengbeng said...

part of civilized behaviour is to always put on a good front. irrespective of what yr fren does, do not stoop to her level. always b yr true self n b good to her.

babyfiona said...

[Shionge] yes, I will!

[criz lai]thanks for the long advise. Now trying to let it go slowly. If you asked me to tell her off just like that..I do not have the heart to do it..last time cannot, now also cannot ler..Me is me. This fact i cannot change -___-"

[huei]yes, I agreed with you. Only you can scold your own bf, No any other people, cause they do not have the right to say so!

[bengbeng]Yeah definitely but will let to go slowly. Can't always be the fool forever, cant I?