Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Baby is Born


My baby is here!!

No lar..not baby that kind of baby, I called my blog as baby lar, can or not??

I got a new BABY!

Curios on how she look like?

Visit my baby at

See you there!


Can please add my new blog into your lovely blogroll / lovely link / friends list or whatever you calling it . Thank you so much!


jam said...

So, are you going to continue this blog? BTW, I already added your new one, remember to add me too.

babyfiona said...

[jam] of course will continue this one as well :D. OK Will link you in. No worry :D

Anston said...

Oh yea, new baby! Which hospital? i come to visit ya :D

Haha, Congratulations! i'll link it later, cheers :)

babyfiona said...

[Anston] No hospital one... No need to "put" it out one :P. Thanks!

Btw, I wanted to link you as well ler..dint get your blog address..can give or not?

Colleen said...

Linked... :-)

babyfiona said...

[collen] thank you so much! muak muak muak!

Rabbit said...

link jor! Heh, i thought u were gonna neglect this old baby of urs tim. kekeke!

babyfiona said...

[lehbit] no ler..both also keep!