Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ngam Ngam Chiam Chiam

Been missing in action for the past 2 weekends and this is what I managed to do. Going for the first weekend 1st ler..too long to be put in a single post.

First weekend

Went to disturb my sister, her husband and my little pesky cute nephew at their place far far away from town area. At the same time, invaded my nephew new bed for free of charge. Suppose to teach my nephew with his pre-school spelling and homework, but ended up, I threw the job to hubb while I munched fruits all the way while watching TVB drama series I help my sister to pack all kinds of thing that you will be needing to cook for their once in a month routine to the big night market at some small town far far away from the city centre.

Talking about pre-school homework, Now only I know that their syllabus are damn freaking hard! 5 years old kid have to go for spelling 3 days in a week..can die! Monday for Spelling, Tuesday for Hua Yue and Wednesday for Ejaan..

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I tell you, I five years old the time, I still sucking my pacifier and crying for my nen nen! Hallo, their spelling and ejaan syllabus are those that I learned when I am 9 or 10 years old okay? DANG!

And this is what me and hubb get for him for passing his spelling..

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I know it is not branded but its cost me 39.90 okay? 39.90 for a 5 years old kid and 6 days later, I saw the car cacated already..

Some photos to clear your eyesight from all those words. I also lazy to type.

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All photos taken with W810i. Not bad huh? for a phone camera?

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Aiks, can capture the head only

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Now the body...

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and finally I can get a clear shot of her. What? How i know is a she? I don't know. Bet we won't be know lar, unless one of you go and check her up. So just assume as a she lar har! And this photos almost get me bitten by her ...

Oh! Another thing I did on the previous weekend. I read about huei and rabbit went to cut their hair, and I also joined in the fun and cut until left 3 inch my hair.

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Nice mou? Do I look like these ??




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Mushroom head!


jianbing said...

You look good with short hair leh. You didn't cut your fringe issit?

Huei said...

u dun look like mushroom head! u look nice!!! really nice! =D

Rabbit said...

Wah u also go cut hair! Nice ah! But got sam tong or not?

Eh yeah la, kids these days hor, their homework not easy leh. Last time all we did to do is to write and write and copy and copy. No need to think one. Now susah lor.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wah seh no wonder people in the kambing generation are getting smarter until SPM also no use to the country already!

Waaa come come I do ejaan for ur hubby so I can have one new toy car also! PLEAAAAAAAAASE!!!

yung . said...

eleh where got mushroom head at all?! I thought mine was even more mushroom head =P The new hairstyle looks nice.

Sasha said...

nice wor...not nice meh?

CutiePrincessMummy said...

u look younger w ur new hair style lar...tak dah tipu lu! :-)

belle said...

yeah! long live short hair!
when i said chop hair huei and rabbit also said em se dak
see la now its a trend everyone is getting short hair kaka!