Saturday, September 22, 2007

After Effect...Coffee Bean

Being the ignorant me, I get myself a regular size of Coffee Bean blended Mocha again during lunch hour time and skipped my lunch. Totally no mood to have my lunch today as I got so many things to do.

The consequences of my ignorant..

1. Tummy kulu kulu..
2. Head giddy..
3. Feel like puking..
4. A little bit gastric pain..
5. due to all the above reasons, where my body cannot stand all of them at the same time..the whole body feel like no energy at all..

I must stop drinking Coffee Bean blended Mocha from now on!!!




Eh wait..I think I said that last time..few months ago..

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Ops sorry, by the way, I saw this cute emoticon from someone blog. Hope the creator do not mind I pinjam for this time.

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