Friday, September 21, 2007

Multivend Machine

I guess everyone here knows that I like to play the clamping machine to get those cute soft toy whereby I had wasted more than few grants on this habits. What I never mentioned before is that I also had the habit to play the multivend machines where they require you to insert in the required amount of money and then turned the button there to get the thing inside.

From gumballs to toy capsules, I had tried every single of them! By the way, I heard that Multivend, had just introduce a new product to the market! I am wondering what will they be putting inside. Hope it will be something cute so I can keep add into my collection!


CRIZ LAI said...

Haha.. sounds like my type of machine. I love to clamp toys and play most of the toys related machine. Now my whole place is filled with toys. Want some?? :P

babyfiona said...

[criz lai] hahaha, i also got a lot :P. Last time, the whole room filled with the soft toys .

belle said...

omg.. im so opposite of you
in my room you can find anything but soft toys..actually i have 3.all also presents.
2 of them been utilize as book holder and another one i stuff in a mini bag so no one can see it WHAHAHAHAH

babyfiona said...

[belle] hehehe, I play for the sake of the addiction not for the toys kakaka. No matter how ugly the toy also, I will tend to go and clamp it :P