Monday, September 24, 2007

The Devil ME!

So Happy! Today was the first time that I actually packed my stuff, and leave the office before anyone else!! yay!!

Well of course, with my boss in the office of course because if he still in the office, I would not be able to starts packing of things until he is ready to stop his work and go back home as well !

When I leave the office, its only 6.05 pm and I am so freaking happy seeing all the other colleague still "BUSY" with their works and I heard one of them said that, "we need to finish the work by today" kekeke!!

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To all that think I am bad because I laugh at them when they have to stay back in the office to finish up their job, well nothing much I can said.

What I know is that the day they have to stay back is still a countable time for them, normally only me and Princess Neshimaru whom will be the only two that will need to stay until late at night or even saturday which is not a working days for us to finish the thing up while all other are already reached home, laid on their bed, watching the tv, making love or still snoring and snorting like a pig on their bed.

Alright Enough Of My Ranting ! I am going to make myself a mile ice and sit infront of the idiot box and watch some movie!!



Cometh said...

*Evil laughter*


*Evil laughter ends*


Mr.Thief said...

they finally get to taste something that only you always had to taste eh? ahaha!

LukXiuFung said...

Wakakakakakakakaakk :)

Huei said...

congratulations!! heheheheh

i remember how it felt like..i wanted to call the clients and tell them

"haha! you can't call me no more! i'm OUT of here! SOLVE YOUR OWN BUGS!!!" then evil laugh at them!

yipguseng said...