Monday, September 24, 2007

My E-Business

I had always wanted to get some products from a few manufacturers and then sell it online to earn some money. I think this will be a great way since I do not like to work from office.

If I can sell online and can get enough orders, then I can consider to stop working in the office and starts my own online business.

Actually I tried to sell some products last few times but ended up I just stopped half way because the ecommerce software that I downloaded, was so hard to use. Its was not friendly user at all and after I used it for 3 or 4 times, I totally lost control of what I am doing.

But since the day my friend's introduce me the Ashopcommerce shopping cart, I had started to sell online again. This time with Ashopcommerce shopping cart software in hand, I think my business will be blooming like mushroom after the rain.

Integrated with all major banks, gateway and third party processors including paypal, the transaction was made easier between me and my buyers. They were all complement on how efficient I am compared to the last time.

Well, I guess Ashop Commerce, as the leading US provider of hosted shopping cart software deserved a good complement as my buyers are not only complement me, but is also complement on how my things works!

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