Friday, September 21, 2007


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Me and hubby has started to make our first step in choosing our own way. we decided to go on with what we planned 3 weeks ago after we been let downed by someone so many times. We think enough its enough for us.

Since the someone has got his replacement, we can go our way without need to worry much. What I only wished now is that, he got the right choice and hopefully he can success in this lines of industry. I really do not hope for anything bad to happen to him, some more with he having so many children still in studying stage.

Sometimes I when I think about it..its really made me sad. I had been with him for so long and this is what he opted for. I got no choice but to make my way as its better for me to go than to stay here and be a slave with no one appreciate my hard work.


Huei said...

do what you want! just as long as you're happy and it doesnt hurt others =)

tanalan2 said...

Stay strong sweetie !!!!

belle said... can tell me in details what is happening ma...
do mail me..