Friday, September 21, 2007

This Is How Kiasu I Am!

Its 2.09am now and I am still sitting here blogging for some moo-lah. I only got another 9 hours to go before the opp will be released by itself..

I have this urged to stop here and jump on to my comfy bed but when I think about the moo-lah, I know I need to finish the another 2 posts and then only I can sleep in peace.

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If I were to stop now, I will probably roll left and right and would not be able to sleep.. that is how kiasu I am. Well, in the name of Moo-lah, I will make it through! Even if I will looked like a panda bear or even a walking corpse in the office, I will not let it go!!


Huei said...

the world wide wednesday thing?

haih..i never got any of those..sux!!

belle said...

arghhH!!! APATU?
anyway i salute yr...KIASUNESS hahaha
atleast u admit hor