Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am a Murderer and Rockin At The Same Time

Lots of things happen today that made me want to give some people a tight slap on their face and I did one thing I regreting right now..remember, I did a post on the RM 1 fish that eat up my 2 RM 8 fishes? While I am so pissed the time, I asked my hubby to throw that RM 1 fish into his Arowana tank..and..*GULP* Now the RM 1 fish is in the Arowana tummy..

* Pray = Dear little RM 1 fish, So sorry that I accidentally blurted out to my hubby to asked him to throw you directly into the Jaw's mouth, its just an accident and I did ask hubby to immediately take you out, but I guess, its came too late. Hope you Rest In Peace*

Anyway, no matter how sad am I or how angry they made me, when I starts to blog, all those anger will automatically gone. ZAP! Just like that. Now, that is what I called as The Power of Blogging.

Anyway, since I am blogging now, of course my mood will automatically rise from the most down under to the most high on the sky. Happy Happy Happy.

1st Happy = I can blog

2nd happy = I finally adjusted my layout for with the help of my lovely hubby of course *credit went to him*

3rd Happy = I decided something a while ago that will change my life again after spend so long time at the same pace with no result and I think I will need to move on!

4th Happy = This is the 3rd time I had been awarded as Rockin Girl Blogger ! WEEEEEE!!!

The 1st one came from Princess Neshimaru
The 2nd one came from Huei
and Now the 3rd one from ProjectHeavyTraffic

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So happy I can die smiling and scare all the ghost who come to visit me tonight.

Since I am in a very good mood now, I want to pass the award around to all the Blogger who rock!! especially:

1. Yuin Yin

2. Belle

3. Apple

4. Che-Cheh

5. CutiePrincessMummy


Apple said...

It's so sweet of you to give me this award ^^ I love it.

babyfiona said...

{apple} You are most welcome. You deserved it!

littlepolaris said...

my gawd... finally can access ur blog!
later baru take the award, goin hospital liao. c ya!

babyfiona said...

[littlepolaris] huh? anything wrong with my blog meh??

take care ya.

Che-Cheh said...

Wah tq tq 2nd time! :D

babyfiona said...

[che-cheh] welcome welcome, good for you ^^

belle said...

awwwwww thanksieee!! muacks
^^^^^^ so happpy lor love love baby hahahaha

Cometh said...

Sweet revenge for yer more expensive fish eh....

In the end, the arowana the fish that benefits.... got to eat all the fish... =p

babyfiona said...

[belle] wuah! next time i award u somemore kekeke. then I got free love love and kisses :p

[cometh] Its not me..Not my fault ler..I terblurted out only I know, my hubby so fast and throw the fish into the Arowana tank ler..

Josephine said...

Congratulate for the awards. By the way, u have been tagged.