Friday, September 7, 2007


WTF! Pertandingan Menangkap Anjing???!!!Is this for real???! In our country some more??
Hello??? Am I still in Malaysia???

Hell come one! What with their peanut brain thinking??? Catching dogs as a competition win loads of cash???

So freaking pissed!! No need to say much, See for yourself.

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Really makan kenyang kenyang already and nothing to do! So damn inhumane!

Please help to stop this cruel action by signing the petition and for all the bloggers, I plead you all to blog about this and spread the news to everyone in your list!

Petition to Stop Majlis Perbandaran Selayang

Just follow the link given and ask as many friends, relative, girl friends, boy friends, yee mah ku cheh and stop those peanut brain owner!

Damn! If the MPSJ here dare to touch my peekaboo, I am going to cut every single ku ku bird in there!


Health Freak Mommy said...

That's really cruel and sick. Why not pertandingan menangkap other pests like rats and roaches?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

really 'eat full easy'

youknow upah kill dog is much higher then then price...
that why they have that pertandingan

Renge said...

wah, our government sure "sian" ar.
owez do something tat is not important & waste citizens money doing stupid thing.

Apple said...

what the...
maybe next time there's a "pertandingan menangkap b@b!"?

babyfiona said...

[health freak mommy]That person who give the idea must have a peanut brain!

[pisang] Damn them and those who supporting the campaign!

[renge] yalar! lousy goberment! Only have the brain for such kind of things

[apple] If got such pertandingan , then I think I can catch "alots" on the streets!

Sean said...

This is really sick! This is their duty but they simply do a Pertandingan and asked people to do it for them... so cunning and so so lazy... sigh! STUPID!