Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

I am so busy that I forgot today is MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL!!


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While everyone is busy eating the tasty moon cake and dining with friends and relatives, chatting happily and laughing loudly..*Yes I can heard it! My stupid neighbor was so unconsidered was laughing and chatting so happily loud from their house with their door closed, imagine how loud their are laughing* me and Princess Neshimaru is sticking our face infront of the pc and doing our work.

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To add in the happiness of Mid Autumn Festival, I just noticed that I got a client who actually sent me a 21 pages of name listing in jpeg files! Don't you think that the fellow deserved the award of being the most stoopid person in the world? From the look of the listing, I can tell you, its was actually a converted files from either Microsoft Words or Excel file.

Well, this is what Princess Neshimaru replied me when I asked her the same question about the fellow

Princess Neshimaru:
go work at 7-11 lah!

Princess Neshimaru:

Princess Neshimaru:
stoopid until fulat also cannot..must tai fulat!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival? I don't think so. In front of me, I got a piles of forms to be process and yes I mean Piles as in "PILES"!!!

For the fellow who actually make my day like a hell to me, I wish the mooncake you are eating right now containing a gold coin inside. Well, is your luck to find a gold goin in a moon cake, don't you think so?

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LukXiuFung said...

Happy Pesta Tang Lung!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Aiya, don't be madlah, not good for the facial wrinkles *runs away* Cheer up, ok?

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Happy moon cake festival to you!!