Sunday, September 16, 2007

List Broker

As my company is dealing with the events industry, we keep a lot of database for our marketing purposes whereby we will use the existing database to invite the client and also visitor to create the environment for our client so that they would be expecting lots of incoming leads and contact when they participate for certain event.

So, for us, database are very important. At the moment, I think our company database are too small and lacks of certain profiles. I was thinking to suggest to my boss to get the help from Martin Worldwide as they are one of the leaders in the direct marketing industry that offer innovative mailing list products to its clients or what I called them as the list broker.

From the menu of consumer listing to non profit listing, you would be surprised on how well they database can perform, and with their guarantee on their data, I am sure my boss will be more than happy to try it. Anyway, its 100% guarantee! Means if the list fail to perform, I can get them to replace the data at no additional cost to us.

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