Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nephew Oh Nephew

Just got back from visiting my nephew. I really don't understand my nephew at all. I mean AT ALL!

When he is with us, me and hubby, he is like an angel. He will listen to us, talk to us nicely. If I say Yes, he wont be saying No and his behavior, I can't said its excellent , but its better than most of the kids around his age.

BUT! yes, its a BIG BUT!

When the parent are around..he will turned into a devil. A really bad temper, nasty little devil! At times, I really can't help myself to give him some bitch tight slap on his little face or shout to him just to make him stop. He can yelled all the way from starts of the dinner until the very end.

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He will make himself deaf and even if you called him from the bottom of your lung out, he seem that he did not even hear you. He will throw his tantrum whenever or where ever he likes.

Why he behaves like this? I myself is cracking my brain just to think of it and even the parent also do not know why.


Huei said...

kids are like that wan!! they're nice when they pretend to be an angel..but when the devil comes out.......crazy!!!

yipguseng said...

well, at least he still behave when the parents are around :P

Che-Cheh said...

Maybe he's shouting for attention. Does he has any brother or sister?