Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mexico My Dream Vacation Place

I always wanted to go on a Mexico Vacation for a relaxing and romantic time to spend with my hubby but I guess I would never be able to reach there.

Think of the sensuality and seclusion on the white sand remind me of Riviera Maya resort that I once checked online for their information after my friend told me that she went there for her honeymoon holiday.

The hotel she choose to stay with her newly wed husband when they are in Mexico was one of the Karisma Hotels. KARISMA, which the word taken from the Greek was known well for their divine favor. After a few research, she finally choose MI HOTELITO.

With only 24 rooms, spread into two buildings, the hotel promised a intimate and relaxed feeling full with luxurious at the same time. She even told me that, they have their own personalized butler service and concierge. Well talk about enjoying! That is what I called as honeymoon holiday.

She was asking me to go along with her for her next holiday, but well, I guess I can only dream from here. Pity me.

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