Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mushie Moshiu

Have you visited my new blog yet? NO?? How come?

By the way, my new blog is called

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Why MushieMoshiu? Don't ask me that question. I am so frustrated to look for a decent enough blog name for myself but ended up pulling out all my hairs and guess what I lost almost a quarter of my hair because of that.

Those with nice name like fairy-tale had been taken ..well you know who you are..those with love words in the name also being grabbed up.

Well, since my msn nick I am using MushieMoshiu. Why not?


Che-Cheh said...

Babyfiona, just curious. What's the different between this blog and Mushie Moshiu?

babyfiona said...

[che-cheh] This one more on paid post one kakaka, you dint see one day can got more than 5 post one meh?

Mushiemoshiu more on personal at the moment. See lar, if I can, I will maintain mushiemoshiu only for personal blog ..if I can stand the temptation of $$$$$ lar...