Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ouch! Painful..

Stress to the maximum! Just imagine, an auntie full of pimples on her face! ARGH!!!

Been so busy lately that I do not even have the time to update my blog. Everyday wake up with extra pimples on the face *damn freaking painful* go to office, work work work and work and only came back late at night.

No exception for today as I am in the office at the moment try to finished up my work before the event. Sigh!!

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PIMPLES!!!!!!!! I hate you!


Apple said...

working is working..but remember to take good care of yourself, ok? Later if sick will be more worst.

Cometh said...

Drink a lot of cooling drinks or eat lots of cucumber.... =p

Pink Cotton said... cool..

don stress yourself too much and zap those pimples with some anti blemish!!...heehe

LukXiuFung said...

Yaya..drink water (important) and i think cometh is right too. Cucumber :)

Take care!

simonso said...

hey thanks for dropping by and commenting my works! Dont forget to vote vote for me k!... Love the music in ur blog...relaxing and sweet... hehe Nice to meet ya!

conan_cat said...

oops, pimple! always hate them as usual haha... i use this pimple cream tho whenever i have pimple, called clean & clear de blemish treatment gel haha... not bad de lo hahahaha use one day nxt day sure almost gone liao de... :P

curryegg said...

Hello babyfiona.. didn't realise that you've another blog. I love your template!

About the pimples.. I've the same experience as yours... I hate pimples especially zits! Eerrr.... they are painful. Hope that they are gone soon...


hIEw~~ said...

hey ya...thanks for dropping by...u got a lovely blog here....=)