Monday, October 1, 2007

Early Monday Morning Rants

Now is 8.49 am and I am sitting in front of the laptop in my dining room on a Monday Morning. Still considering to whether go to office or tummy experience some tingling sensation due to what I might think of --> indigestion.

With the combination of coconut prawn in Tom yam soup, sweet and sour crab, ginger soup based lala = what I am having now, indigestion. Sigh!

Office or MC ? Office or MC??

Alamak! no choice at all..I need to go back office to finish up something that I owed Princess Neshimaru!

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Datelines are everywhere!! Seem like those land bom waiting for me to step on it ARGH!!!!!!!
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Huei said...

wahh!!! if i were u i will MC liao!! hehe

poor u..sick oso have to work >.<

LukXiuFung said...

so poor....better MC la...

Ichitaka Leingod said...

next time think before u eat so much in one time... XD

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wah 8.49am still at home? ur office very near ur home, or u can ya ya papaya walk into office at whatever time u want? lol...

babyfiona said...

[huei] how i hope I can MC ler..but at the end, i went to work today...have to meet deadlines

[lukxiufung]*sob Sob* how i wish i can..

[ichitaka] hehehe, sad mah, of course need to eat until I happy eat eat eat lor..ended up indigestion ekeke

[kev] very near only. 5 minutes drive :D